Is the VITAMIX blender worth it? Do you use yours enough to justify the initial cost?

Hi all!

I am hanging my nose over a Vitamix Belnder. I have been for a year or so. Mostly for green smoothies.

For those of you who have them, do you use them enough to justify what they cost to buy?

I will be gtted if I finally spend that amount one and don't really use it. I don't want to make nut milk with it, really just green smoothies, soups. I have a blender and a veg juicer already. 

Any info appreciated ;-)

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I Love mine, it makes being 75% raw bearable. I juice fruits and veggies, than add frozen stawberries, banana or whatever to make smoothies. Yummy!!  I also make fresh soups and of course mixed drinks ;)  I use it every day. 

Great, thanks Merry, just what I wanted to hear, lol ;-)

No problem :)  there are so many uses, you'll have a blast!

Hi Catherine, I just want to add that you may want to check out Dara Dubinet on youtube. She's a raw foodist and does daily videos. I've seen her use both vitamix and blendtec for a lot of her recipes and has tons of great ideas. She is very inspirational in getting healthy (even if you're not that in to raw food).  Here is a short montage of her videos over the past year.


Great, I'll have a look, thank you Merryberry!

I am very into raw food but I find it sometimes just a bit too much to stomach in it's original form, lol. I am not mad keen on raw kale :-(

It's a great blender, and you can make your own coconut, almond or soy milks .

Super tool !

Thank you John, that's great!

Aloha. I have had a VitaMix for 20+ years(upgraded from the 13 yr old 5000 to the 5200 4 yrs ago because I wanted a red base)and besides my knife, it is the only kitchen appliance/utensil/gadget that I use everyday without fail. I use it primarily for green smoothies,soups and raw sauces.Could not live without it. I tried the Blend-tec when I was staying at my cousin's home for a month and did not care for the design.I believe the best price is still at Costco.


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