Is the prohibiting of any substance inherently immoral?

If we agree that we own our own bodies, and have the right to use them as we see fit. Then using force to govern how others use their bodies cannot be justified morally? Provided, of course, they are not infringing on the rights of others. Views and opinions.

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Prohibiting is required as it makes so many innocents also as VICTIMS. They get destroyed by some bad habits. People like you talk of this because you have control over it. To safeguard people who cant save them self , it is justice to ban / prohibit bad things. 

Also it is not a normal healthy thinking to not to prohibit in spite of knowing it is bad. 

We cannot give rights to every creature on earth. Can you give rights to lion to eat you . You will surely stop it. Same way certain habits are highly bad to be prohibited. 

how can a substance have a victim? there are victims of police and drug war victims!!!! prohibited how? if you have neighbors you shouldnt smoke because it bothers them.

I happen to agree as long as the rights of someone else is not violated. I also think pot shouldn't prohibited not that I do any drugs. I am a Straight Edge Vegan.Law Enforcement arrest more people for marijuana then for all violent crimes combined in the U.S.It makes no sense to me. I also dont believe that self-harm is  a crime though many have addictions to all kinds of drugs .The war on drugs In the U.S has never solved a problem. But , it has filled jails and prisons with people that do non-violent crimes as drugs.We should looked at drug addiction as self-harm,and a medical issue not a criminal one..Addiction is suffering ,I do believe .Why cause more suffering and jail addicted people ? I think you step on a fine line when you dictate someone elses freedoms when it comes to personal rights.We all should have the choice to choose our own lives and the freedom to do so. Yes, no slavery for any life or animals. 


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