Palm oil is one of the world’s most hotly debated crops, with concerns over deforestation, habitat destruction, loss of biodiversity, species extinction, and a slew of human rights violations in its wake, thus begging the question: IS palm oil vegan? For more information, resources & citations see:

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Is Palm Oil Vegan?:
Economic Solution or Human Rights Disaster?:
Using Banned Pesticide:
Fires Releasing as much CO2 as US:
Fires killed 1/3 Orangutan Population:
Tigers & Rhinos Critically Endangered:
Possible Solutions?:

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Hi Bite Size Vegan
I've just caught up with this message: congratulations on your vegan education venture: brilliant!
I'll be back with some input when I have time, this is just to say I'm proud of your effort, and will help when I can. I haven't subscribed because I'm already sold on your "product"!
I will alert any acquaintances whose omnivore stance I've weakened enough for them to be suceptible to your inputs. Also, I'll keep to messaging you here, because I have an oldy's suspicion of social networks (except vegan ones!)
One last thought, if you have not tried it, go into the Veganwall forum ( where there is an international multilingual vegan community that may help you spread this idea.

thank you and yes I post at Vegan Wall

Palm oil is vegan, and uses less resources in its production than other plant oils, the issue is the way it's produced.

As usual, it's big corporations, governments and corruption to blame, not the plant; like soy beans and deforestation.

Try to source organic (from South America; still corruption in places) or European palm oil-based products, if you can!

Yes, as I say in the video, if the oil is REALLY sustainably sourced, it could provide an alternative resource. The problem with that is the corruption and unreliability of "sustainable" and "organic" labels.


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