What is your opinion on owning a Pet ?

Is it exploiting or mutual interest ?

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It's depend on the case. if you foster stray animal, or  from the shelter especialy animal on death row that's great, with note you have to be responsible to provide a better life for them . 

But if you buy pet from pet shop or breeder i think it is not wise decision because many pain story there, im sure you know what i mean.

My family and I saved my dog from a puppy farm, the mother has died and we took in him and six of his brothers who were essentially dumped on our front door step at 2 weeks old. My partner and I also rescued a rainbow lorikeet last year from being killed, she sleeps in a cage of a night time, but other than that she has a little open perch to sit on during the day, can walk around the house as she likes, we take her outside on a harness (no way did we ever get her wings clipped), she walks along the beach with us etc. 

I think owning pets is completely fine, as long as you treat them magically and they are rescued and/or adopted. No pet shops, no puppy farms and NO breeders.

I agree with Emmah and Thecinnamonjourney. There are lots of animals that would be killed or suffer a terrible life if kind and caring people didn't look after them. So homeless animals or animals from shelters are ok, but not from breeders, shops and farms. And also to make sure that the animals you do take care of don't "produce" babies, unless you are willing to take care of them as well :)

i believe it is ok to take a pet into your home who has the need of a place to live in a safe environment is, for example homeless animals and rescued animals, as it will be beneficial to their well being, however from breeders or others who use animals for profit it is not ok as it is only to fill the pockets of those who don't really care about the animals themselves, only money
Î myself care for 3 cute puppies and a cute kitty, however i don't own them, they are family and free to leave whenever they like, they are also rescued animals who would otherwise be living in the streets in poor conditions therefore it is beneficial for their health and wellbeing for me to çare for them
So in my opinion if it is purely for profit, no it is definitely NOT ok " However, if it is to genuinely help an animal and improve their wellbeing it can be a good thing and ok

It's good so long as they are happy and healthy, it's a lot better than them than being out on the streets, locked up in cages, or sold to a cruel owner who mistreats them. If you are a good owner, having a pet is great and they are happy and safe. You are keeping them from harm and having what could otherwise be terrible lives. 

I'm on the fence about whether to buy from breeders, as while what the human is doing is wrong, the animal should come first. Breeders will not take care of the animals properly if the animals are left in their care, as they only care about money. Also, someone else could come along and buy the animal and use it for fighting or other abusive reasons. I don't know where I stand on Puppy Farms as although I am 100% against them, I hear terrible things happen to the animals if they are not bought before they grow, so on the other hand it would be good to save them - but again I need to learn more about this to take a proper stance on the matter.

So for that reason, I think although rescue animals should always take priority, buying from breeders is not a terrible thing to do, as it's not the animal's fault they were bred for cash and you could save lives. However, also pass on the message that breeding for profit is wrong.

I think living with pets if fine, as long as you treat them well. 

Yes, I believe it is good to own pets. These are sentient beings that need to be loved and cared for. Always find animals that are in need of a loving home. The ones that have been forgotten abused. These beings need to know that all humans are not bad that many of us are emphatic loving beings. Please adopt as many "pets" as you can. Never encourage breeding. Always discourage breeding. The bread animals are of course deserving of love and care and they may end up needing help. Please help as many Earth animals that you possibly can. 

well I asked one day the same question-somewhere- , and I was told to friend an animal and they will tell you...  

Certain undomesticated animals suffer more than prosper in the wild. So, it is deemed generous to domesticate a specie that is unable to live prosperously when in the wild anyway. Dogs can help with people with hunting or people who are blind. Cats can help people with unwanted rodents in their residences. This is why having dogs and cats in your residence is considered normal instead of abnormal. But, some people are allergic to cats and/or dogs. So, they might choose a different animal to keep. These are all reasons why I find having pets helpful and okay. Some people experiment with animals whether the experiments are cruel or not when having them as pets. That is when my borderline vegan hat wants to come on.

If people treat them well, owning animal is good thing. I love my cat and see her as my sister.

no it is not ok to own an animal. the homeless should be free to choose not subject to exploitation .

As you see there is always different perspectives. If you take care the animals as per the requirement then there is no harm but we need to understand not every animal is valid to become pet. There must some classifications.

If you feel your interests are greater than that animal then you avoid thinking to buy. May be your action makes them away from their loved ones and from their comfort zone. Such actions also make a bad impact on the animals mind and they at times get ill.

So take wise decisions as per the situation.


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