Is honey vegan?
I read an article about it , there said that the honey is animal product so it can't be vegan . . . . when I eat it which kind of vegetarian I'm ?

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Honey is not considered vegan by traditional standards of Veganism, since it comes from a living being. I don't make a claim as to its cruelty, and I consider myself vegan without being 100% on honey (at a restaurant, for example). I think in the end, veganism is about living as cruelty-free as you can, and there will always be some grey areas and no one can be 100% (there are bugs in our food for example - there's no getting around it).

Everyone can make their own choices, but I've never understood why vegans wouldn't eat honey. Beekeeping helps bees to survive, as the numbers are increasingly dropping all over the world. 

in our farm we kept 7 honey bee boxes and catch queen bees nearby and kept it safely in our farm.Neighbour sprayed pesticide in his farm and the hoeny bee start falling from next day and 4 boxes of bee family sad..i keep honey bee not for honey but for my passion and interest 

I'm Vegan and I eat Honey. I buy organic honey from bee friendly Apiaries. Some may still take issue and to each his own. Many Vegans do not eat honey but honey offers nutrients and health benefits that I want for both myself and my family. Also, I enjoy it.  As a side note, I actively do everything I can on my own property to encourage rampant bee activity in the landscaping I've chosen, providing a bee habitat, allowing my veggie garden to bolt, supporting local bee keepers and avoiding pesticides on my property and I would encourage others to do the same if they truly care about the plight of bees.  

honey is not a vegan because it is an animals product.


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