Is eating in a restaurant that serves meat still funding the meat industry and factory farming cruelty?

I have always taken the attitude of 'supply and demand'....that if you don't physically hand over money for a meat dish then you are doing your bit to slow the demand for meat and therefore the demand for cruel and inhumane and senseless factory farming.  So when I have a craving for (organic, free-range) meat, eating a bit off the plate of someone else who has already paid for the meal, doesn't make me feel that guilty as I justify it with not having paid for the meal myself and thus am not funding the industry! As twisted and nonsensical as it may sound....that's how I roll lol. But my question is, simply by eating in a restaurant that serves meat, even if I eat the veg food only, am I continuing to fund the meat industry anyway by adding to the overall profit of the restaurant?? This thought disturbs me! But then it's hard to only eat in vegan/veg cafes all the time especially when socialising. Any other thoughts on this one? 

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