dear friends , i like to share my experiences & findings on this subject till date.

I see that cows give milk more than what is required for the calf. this i have personally checked it. This is applicable for human also. Healthy Women get breast milk more than required for child. Some times it spill out with out forcing. If milk is not taken out for some time, it gets solidified and causes pain in breast and consequently fever. So all female animals also get milk more than the need of baby. It depends on how much food , water they drink and its body strength. 

So it is not bad to utilize animals milk for nutrition. 

Only thing is , artificial production of milk , by harmonic injections which would deteriorate the health of animal to be avoided. SO the campaign that "Donot drink animal milk" has to be modified in to "Invest & Grow more cows for natural milk " would be right campaign. 

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Cows are exploited for milk , Agreed. 

It is not right from our ( human) end ..agreed.

But is this your point for not drinking milk ,

Suppose if cows are given enough green leaves and only surplus milk is being used by man , is this acceptable to you ?

Agreed: I give up milk and its products for this reason.

But our PREACHING has to be modified. 

I discussed with some friends ( 5 friends) who were farmers since long time. They informed that milk is produced extra by the cow and it will be only waste if they do not use it. Sometimes it causes pain to the cow. Also we cannot compare man with cow. Every creature has a specialty. How come only humans have sixth sense. why not animals. Same way cows can give more milk yield . 

2. I philosophically believe that , every creature must have a utilization , else the nature would destroy it. Even in Human beings no body like a person who cannot support himself, who is not of use. Gardener cuts away the useless shrubs & plants and waters only use full plants. If cows are not for milk, they will not be grown by any one. Cows will become extinct.

Also every creature feels great by getting utilized. So utilisation is not unethical. Unwise utilisation is unethical. So our Preaching context has to be slightly modified. 

We should not preach in the name of animal product , for there is nothing wrong in using animal product. It is mere illusion to think that animals are harmed by utilizing it. 

But YES , in dairy industry really animals are harmed, so we have to be against it. We must quit all industry dairy products , but can get milk from farmers directly who grow them as a family member not as a commodity or we can grow cows by our self and get milk. 

Hope you understood my view .

So our agenda should be only to PREVENT CRUEL ACTIONS behind diary industry, but not against milk drinking. This i mentioned in my subject description itself . 


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