I find that people are at least somewhat accepting of the fact that I don't want to eat meat, but they have a really hard time understanding why I don't want to intentionally kill insects. Any thoughts or similar experiences?

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Wow I thought I was the only one! My parents think I'm crazy because I don't want to kill the insects in my house. I usually feel bad that insects aren't thought about as much as animals, So I have a lot in my room :/

I am the same way. 

I don't kill them either, I even try to help them out if they're stuck in water or something.

(>^_^)><(^.^<)  it's a hug :)

That's cute ^_^

Happy to see I'm not alone in this =). It's hard sometimes because some bugs can be overly rude but I try my best.

People who became vegans/vegetarians because of love OR compassion towards living beings sure care about insects (In fact all living beings). Not only insects, we even hate killing plants......... For examples Jains don't consume root veggies   

Poor Cockroaches :(

I know, I was just kidding around :)


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