Is smoking weed wrong? Because- it's not quite nourishment- but for some people they feel it is medical relief. What about for smoking for pleasure? Just curious, lol. Then again, if using weed to smoke is wrong, because we should value plant life, does that mean we should restrict how much we eat everyday to be sure we're not eating too many plants?

I'm not making an argument for either side, this is just a survey. Do you smoke weed? Have you ever? Would you ever?

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I think you´re the one trying to be condescending, however I will not reply to your ignorance, to do so would be a waste of time, one day you may wake up and understand but i fear the damage may have already been done to your limited brain cells. Good luck with your pot smoking but please don´t get in a car and drive afterwards (assuming you´re old enough!) and don´t make me breath the fumes. btw I have lived in 3 countries what about you?? I have also been veggie for longer than you´ve been alive no doubt, long before it was fashionable and have no idea what a drone is! 

you have been alive longer than me and a veggie longer than me but you don't know what a drone is? wow!!!! go back to school.

I have been a veggie for about 23 years by the about you?

in school...unlike you it seems

government institution Tv & Video Games!!! & what ever is in trend & cool!!! 

any pro-ganja smokers must please also visit my discussion on cooking with ganja...thanks...:)

I feel that it's absolutely harmless as long as you're mentally stable (:

Well, I don't smoke. But I wouldn't mind to have a smoke while suffering from migraine... I have tried it a couple of times with friends while with headache. It did help me.  

Whoever suffers with migraine know how horrible it is, and would give anything for something that would make you feel much better fastly.

While with migraine you feel sick, don't want to eat, the only thing you can do is go to bed and sleep, but can't fell asleep because headace is killing you. What is the effect of weed? You feel hungry, relaxed (so your blood pressure gets lower), you feel happy and tired, fell asleep easily. Looks like some perfect medicine to me. ;}

Smoking pot is a choice.  For more and more juristictions, a legal choice.  For many it has legitimate health related reasons. For others, it's recreational.  Like ALL substances, different people react differently to it.  Some people love chocolate, other people hate chocolate. If you're a dog, it might make you sick.  Some people get fat by just looking at a cupcake. Other people can inhale 10 and their butt stays the same size.  It's all about our individual uniqueness.  And this is so,  with POT.  Some people smoke a certain strain and feel very content, even enlightened.  Some feel nothing.  Depends on the person, the strain, our genes , the environment,  your mood, lung capacity,  and a zillion other factors, internal and external.  However, all this said, it's a  choice.  Or should be. 

DR, I know how cool and well rounded you are .. Just love it when I come in here and see some of your opinions and views. It's like the world became a lite more tolerant by some of your views and opinions..I learn lots from some of you wiser users all time. Thanks for all your opinions, views and a heck load of laughs also.... ❤️

thanks and ditto for you Jenii :)

personally I have never smoked weed, and I never will. 

do you drink alcohol ,,,


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