Is smoking weed wrong? Because- it's not quite nourishment- but for some people they feel it is medical relief. What about for smoking for pleasure? Just curious, lol. Then again, if using weed to smoke is wrong, because we should value plant life, does that mean we should restrict how much we eat everyday to be sure we're not eating too many plants?

I'm not making an argument for either side, this is just a survey. Do you smoke weed? Have you ever? Would you ever?

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Wow Lauren, this one has certainly tickled ppls interest!

I totally agree that smoking it in its pure form is ok as long as you can take it or leave it. I too broke up with someone in the past over it. I could feel myself becoming addicted. I was neglecting so many things as everything became about getting stoned. So decided to quit but she just wanted to smoke more and more and the only way i was ever going to stop was to go it alone.

I have smoked it a couple of times since and really enjoyed it. Everything in moderation, and try it with sex, it's FANTASTIC!!


I don't currently smoke because of my profession, I have done it in the past.. I think marijuana is a pretty benign drug and I think it should actually be more legal than alcohol. Most people that get high don't want to drive, beat their wives or get into a bar fight.. They usually want to chill at home eating potato chips and watching cartoons. 

I personally feel this way about it: 420 blaze it lol. I love it o.o but I don't judge those who don't like it, it's not for everyone!

yeah I'll admit I smoke weed, and I don't care what anyone thinks about it either. I smoke it to sleep. I have a sleep disorder along with post traumatic stress disorder. I can't always afford to go to the dr. for my ativan refills and weed does the same thing. Plus ativan is addictive and weed is not. Also, I have a history of anorexia and am prone to relapses. the weed actually makes me want to eat.

This is why its should be legalized.. Too many mental and physical health benefits that the chemical crap storm we call prescriptions can't do as well. 

Im smoking for nearly 12 years now, almost everyday. I feel great and my health results are perfect. Weed is examined and approved by me in every way :D peace 

It is medicine for different things, and it's not dangerous or doesn't cause any health problem like alcohol and cigarettes. I'm all for smoking weed it's a good. I don't know why it's still illegal in Florida. A plant is illegal..they should make animal factories illegal -.-
Smoking weed it's bad for the memory and for the brain plus it cause cancer. I hate how I feel with weed it makes me depressed I prefer to drink a beer instead

Lol Ugo C, you are so wrong. Weed is bad after long time of smoking for your short-term memory, but after reeeeeeeeeeally long time of smoking. Id doesn't cause cancer, the substances from smoking weed with tobbaco does. So if you use vaporiser theres no way you can get cancer, lol. Such a myths, please don't talk if you are ignorant about knowledge of weed.

Most people I know use to smoke weed mixed with tobacco without any filter in hand rolled cigs, I don't think this is healthy, maybe I am ignorant but I prefer stay away from weed, plus I really hate the effect of the weed it make me feel tired and stunned, I have many friends smoking weed regularly they forget about everything they have burned their mind!

I have to work with my brain I am not an hand worker I am a software engineer the memory is mandatory in my job.

To all of you advocating weed use I have something to say, not only does it smell horrible so those around you have to suffer the effects, which of course is more than plain tobacco, it does have an effect n mental health. My ex turned into a crazy animal when he smoked and tried to kill me, suffice to say he is no longer in my life, nor would I consider dating anyone who smoked it, it is a drug and it is harmfull and anyone who says otherwise is a pot smoker and just trying to justify their habit. There are so many other ways to get high than drugs or even alcohol. 

I am agree with you it's a drug, it should be used just for medical purpose


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