Is smoking weed wrong? Because- it's not quite nourishment- but for some people they feel it is medical relief. What about for smoking for pleasure? Just curious, lol. Then again, if using weed to smoke is wrong, because we should value plant life, does that mean we should restrict how much we eat everyday to be sure we're not eating too many plants?

I'm not making an argument for either side, this is just a survey. Do you smoke weed? Have you ever? Would you ever?

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I was a heavy, heavy weed smoker up until April of last year.  Most of my friends and family remain heavy smokers.  I think as long as you have control over yourself and value the experiences you have smoking that it is an activity that ranges from harmless to beneficial.  It is a personal experience to be sure.  I found myself becoming paranoid and mentally addicted to smoking and had a tremendously difficult time quitting.  I have no desire now to smoke but leave myself open to it in the future.  Great question!

Lauren, I have smoked weed for about 2 times. I just wanted to give a try. It certainly gives you the pleasure but you need to have a control over yourself like Jenn said. You can easily get dragged into it without you knowing about it. So hopefully you will not get into it as it causes lots of problems. :)

Sweet Mary Jane:)

I think smoking weed is harmless. I think it should be legal. It's a victimless "crime". Also, I've heard that vegetarians can't get high as much as meat-eaters (or even at all). I smoked weed when I was vegetarian and didn't really feel anything except tiredness a little after I smoked. Anybody else had this happen where they couldn't get a high?

Yes! I never understood what my friends find so special in smoking weed, because I only tried twice but didn't really feel anything. So I guess it has to be true that weed effect meat eaters much more than us. :}

I've been on a completely plant-based diet for a few years, I smoke weed occasionally it still has good effect on me. The quality of weed matters and varies, poor quality has little to no effect. Also the smoke must be completely inhaled, many beginners think they have inhaled it but in reality the smoke hasn't yet reached lungs. These could be reasons why it didn't affect you. 

I know of no relation between diet and getting high. Hope this helps :D

I don't like to encourage something that is illegal but honestly I think it should be legal. I do not see anything wrong with smoking weed especially if you compare it to the legal drug people party with... alcohol. Weed is ALOT less harmful.

Stupid. You should not put smoke into your body your.lungs were not made for it. I was a long time cigarette smoker trust me I'm paying for it.

personally I have never smoked weed, and I never will. I'm allergic to the smoke from weed and cigarettes so it does harm others. I went to a Kiss concert and people near us were smoking weed, I didn't get to enjoy the concert because I had to cover my nose and mouth the whole time. Your body can not handle the drug anyways. It's stupid, illegal, and kills your brain cells anyways.

Pot doesn't kill brain cells.

It does for sure

the illegal saving animals caused not listed org or ungranted paper admin such countries still can walk freely caused the action is positive. or unlike US or some Europe countries, for other parts countries illegal mean the smokers can be lawsuited. the right or wrong is only individual opinion i supposed.  in Indonesia had been launch a strong protest against the amendment of to make the smokeweed legal, but failed. . . 


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