Hi Guys, it was three weeks ago when I requested a blood test to see how I was getting on with my vegan lifestyle, my results were that I was insufficient in B12.. this lead to six injections over two weeks.. so now that my levels are back up it made me really think.. did I really think that I could get away with not taking a supplement! even when I was a vegi my b12 was always just near the low end. 


This article explains why B12 is important. I will always suggest to my vegan and veggie friends to take a  vegan b12 supplement. :)

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Google vegan and b12 and you will get the link, the one attached was from the vegan society.. i had the same for Vit D last year! so over did it with the sun last week!

Great article.

I would also like to add that B12 can be consumed in large doses without worry as excess is either secreted by the body of stored in the liver for up to a year for use when supplies are scarce. :)

Thanks Poonam. For me I know I need supplements because I eat organic two seasons of the year. In a big way ! But know my b 12 has always been on the low side.

yes I have also been aware of this matter recently......... I now think of taking supplements of B12......... as I am veggie by birth so I must be running in deficiency of B12........


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