I am wordless in front of those meat eating butchers who come to me asking that if we humans live in peace without disturbing the animals then who will manage the huge imbalance caused by their increasing number? I really need something to defend. 

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Here is the answer to that question,

This is an absurd idea. Before you kill an animal, do you ask it if it wants to be killed and eaten by you or not? All living beings desire to live and are afraid to die. We don't want to be eaten by a tiger, so why should animals be eaten by humans? Human beings have only existed in the world for several tens of thousands of years, but before mankind appeared, many species of animals had already existed. Did they overcrowd the earth? Living things maintain a natural ecological balance. When there is too little food and space is limited, this will cause a drastic reduction in population. This maintains the population at an appropriate level.

Reference > http://www.godsdirectcontact.org/eng/booklet/vegetarian.html

the only imbalance here is 'the decrease wild life animal" that almost extinct due to human ruin their habitats n not on the contrary 'overwhelming'.

farm industries exist - only -to meet meat demand; it's market oriented. what will they be if less and less people eat meat; the impact is they will reduce the supplies and killing animals; don't you worry this will not caused imbalance


 Thanks a lot guys for your information but there still exist an unsolved question . Why are we put in the category of omnivorous? 


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