"I'm not vegetarian anymore cuz I can't afford to by my own food now  but I'm not eating a lot of meat"

Wow. Really?

My friend JUST messaged me this... im actually in total shock. After reading Eating Animals by Jonathon Safran Foer and Watching Gary Yourofskys The best speech ever plus whatever other material she came across she went Vegetarian. She was so happy about it and everytime i saw her after that she would be so thankful that she no longer ate meat, she was disgusted that she ever did eat it she hated the smell the sight everything... She truly seemed changed for life.

It might sound sad but iv lost so much respect for her and if there is any respect left its very very small.

Anyone got thoughts on this? Am i over reacting?

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I agree with you- I met an ex vegan once, and when I asked them why, they couldn't give me a good reason. "I missed chicken" or something stupid was their response, and, "I'm not extreme like PETA, who I came to learn viewed meat as murder." Um... what ethical vegan DOESN'T see meat as murder? Some people are more attracted to the label and the idea than actually carrying through, which is very sad.

I agree, i think that for alot of people they think its cool to be a vegan or vegetarian but they'er heart isn't in it so it doesn't work. It actually pisses me off when i hear of people going back to be honest lol. I just dont see how anyone could.

I agree that food can be expensive,  so yes vegan food can be but there are cheap vegan food like noodles or get foodstamps, or go to a charity and pick out safe things that are vegan. I think , she needed an excuse. I understand no money, I been there. But there are foods that are cheap to get.  Meat is expensive...she just needed an excuse to make.

Yea there is so much vegan/vegetarian food that is completely affordable where I live. I think your right she wants a way to back out so she doesnt look stupid.... didnt work.

.... im mad can you tell haha x

Also what kind of vegetarian was she ? Did she consume fish and eggs?  I hope she can try again and be committed.  Help as much asyoucan

They need guidance about this. As veg. persons are less as compare to Non.veg. . So distractions are more in our surroundings. Bullying one of the reason offently done with the persons which shaken the commitment of a person. Sad 

very.Her dad was against it i know but she would always tell him he doesn't know what hes talking about nothing will change her mind etc.

I get what you saying! I find it dissapointing and for me eating animals is not a choice its plain wrong!
A friend told me she was taking the plunge to being vegetarian! I was very happy for her and brought in recipe books, gave her ideas on protein etc! Then I notice shes eating meat again ... I questioned her (i couldnt help myself) and her responce im vegetarian in the night! I replied with i bet that reassures the animals! At tge end if the day its her choice and I can only take responsibility for myself!

Hello there 

I honestly think you are being too harsh on your friend. It is frustrating, i get it, but at the same time you have to know it is not very easy for everyone to change their whole diet. It needs time, years to some, they ll have ups and downs.. its normal. Give that friend some time but mostly help her through it. And you cannot help someone that you do not respect right? So go easy on her, breath it in, and help her through it. 

Best of luck. 

Some people are looking for an identity more than following their actual beliefs.  And if it becomes too uncomfortable or inconvenient, they'll drop it.  These are people who will adopt an animal, then return it to the shelter when it gets sick or become extreme converts of a religion only to reject that religion in a month or two.

Hopefully she'll grow out of this as she gets older.  Unfortunately, if she remains this sort of flibbertigibbet into her 30's and 40's, it can be extremely unattractive in a mature adult.

When I decided to become Vegan my daughter and foster daughter did it too.They were crying at the videos and saying things like people who hunt are murders and how wrong eating meat was. I was excited to have them with me in this transformation. Then a month into it we went to my Mothers house and she made steak. My daughter caved that day and has never looked back. Then a week later my foster daughter caved too. At first I was angry and could not believe that they gave in. I was disappointed more than anything. Now I am happy they tried it and am satisfied that they have been educated and will always welcome them back when they realize what they are doing. I will never quit trying though!!!

Just a thought... If we did descend from apes etc... And not all are vegetarian or cavemen.. Then to play devils advocate... Is it not merely within ones genetic make up ? After all if we are only mere animals ourselves who have supposedly evolved and adapted to our environment, then some people have merely followed their propensities that they have inherited ?


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