If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Not a million powers. But ONE superpower. Anything, what would it be? Mine would probably be.....grrr....this is harder than I thought when you really start thinking about it. Probably telekinesis, or ability to teleport. Or freeze time? Lol....I just ruined my own discussion.

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Hello James, I would have say some sort of healing power would be good.

Lol....I want that one too.

the power to transform an angry person into a compassionate one

That would definitely be a super power these days.

I would want to shape shift!

That would be dope. :-)

I would also want to shape shift! (I love True Blood, not that it has anything to do with my decision though). You could swim if you wanted… fly if you want to… :) 

I like the teleport one you suggested, haha, just since I love to travel and my loved ones are scattered around the world. Also I wouldn't have to deal with the TSA molesting me every time I fly, that'd be lovely :P

Lol...I just find the cutest female snreeber and get in her line lol....think how much ud save on gas and.car payments and insurance lol

LOL well that's one way to turn the experience around. Very true! Gah, no more getting a new sticker for your plate every year -,-! 

New stickers each year?....... Oooops

Lmao! Yeah they get you on everything. Next they'll start fining you for not changing your oil enough.


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