If there was a country that was 100% vegan, would you move there?

I have thought about this before, I think that if there were an island and/or country where all it's people were vegan I would move there. The country would be, for the most part, self sufficient with farms and basic goods made locally. There would be no need to read labels at the grocery store or question what you ordered at a restaurant. Meditation groups, yoga centers and running clubs would be common recreational activities. Nearly every neighborhood would have a community garden and bartering would take place for foods/services between citizens.  

What do you think? Would you move away from your home to live here?

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Am I the only one that just really doesn't like moving?

I'd go for a visit or two though!

I would, even though it sounds like paradise. Even India has come down to 50 % vegetarians... But you can join groups like Brahma Kumaris where everyone is at least vegetarian, stay inside the circuit and experience all the benefits you mentioned.

You didn't mention dance and music? Can we add it to it? and Ski-slopes... (no kidding, paradise without a ski-piste is hard to imagine for me...)

Really? The number has gone done or was it always that way?


I have been visiting India almost every year since 1991. Mount Abu, Rajastan. Just love the energy of the country, even now...The kids in Rajastan seem naturally happy with little material possessions. And the women walk with self-esteem close to pride. Beautiful. Which part are you from?

So you know that we live in Kaliyug...some say at the very end of kaliyug. What can we do?  Even with 30% India has ten times more vegetarians than any of the other "highly developed countries"...

Due to the fact I am the ONLY one of my freinds or family members that is a Vegetarian, I'd have to say no. 

I don't think I'd move to the community or country....but I would sure do my shopping and dining out there if I lived close by :) I'd also make tons of friends in that community so that I could finally go to someone's house for a meal without having to ask what's in everything, figuring out what I can and can't eat. It's a nice idea, but like most utopian ideas, is wrought with flaws. I think everyone's pretty much realized this. I live my life so that it can be an example to others of how healthy and happy being a vegetarian has made me. I'm glad we're all pretty much on the same page here. Good thought provoking question.

Trying to school other people to not eat meat is not of my concern (they will do it of their own accord, not because I preach.), I'd deffo move!

No.I would miss my family and friends who would not be allowed in,and my cat.I think you can have all that within your own home anyway and still exist within a wider society.I never really liked the idea of being part of a group of people all the same,the debate of ethics and lifestyle doesn't really worry me.For me the whole thing is to normalize non-animal based diets by making them accepted by the masses,whereas creating seperate communities hinders communication.I don't believe in the whole conversion business though,that's to religious like for me.I think people need to find their own way through a realisation of ideas that have many positive aspects to them.I would like to create a vegan fast food franchise that knocks Mc Donalds into the dust just by appealing to everday people,beacause it's good healthy,well priced food that tastes gerat.

It's a good question. I would love move to there, but it's like forget the rest of the world, the problems that we haven't solved yet. The better way is all the population around the world learn to live harmonically with the nature and the animals.

love to be there

I think it would be a lovely vacation spot, but I wouldn't move. I'd miss my loved ones too much.

I think there are places that are very vegan. What about Okinawa. I'd love to go there one day.


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