If there was a country that was 100% vegan, would you move there?

I have thought about this before, I think that if there were an island and/or country where all it's people were vegan I would move there. The country would be, for the most part, self sufficient with farms and basic goods made locally. There would be no need to read labels at the grocery store or question what you ordered at a restaurant. Meditation groups, yoga centers and running clubs would be common recreational activities. Nearly every neighborhood would have a community garden and bartering would take place for foods/services between citizens.  

What do you think? Would you move away from your home to live here?

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I agree with you! Well said!

Yes, yes, fucking yes. I would move there in a heartbeat, and I have thought many times about wanting to start something like that. 

To all those who feel you must stay in the flesh-eating, animal (and human!!!)-exploiting world because leaving would be like running away from the problem and closing your eyes, I used to feel that way myself. I have completely changed my attitude. Here's why:

First of all, by living in this world you are participating in the cyst-em of death, and strengthening it with your presence, regardless of whether you are a vegan or not. You may try to live an ethical life, but if you are still using electricity from nuclear power plants, food and other supplies from mass-produced sources, and petroleum for your car, you are still having a negative impact. If you are buying your food from restaurants and/or shops that sell animal products, then you are supporting the exploitation and abuse of animals with your consumer dollars. If you pay your taxes, then you are funding the death and destruction of both humans and animals. And then there is the issue of work...if you are working within the Crapitalist cyst-em, most likely you are doing something that is contributing to the cyst-em of violence and exploitation and oppression in one form or another. Nearly EVERY paid job is in some way tied to the military-industrial complex, the prison industrial complex, conspicuous consumption and environmental destruction, animal exploitation and abuse, or some form of conditioning and brainwashing and policing people into accepting that horrible reality. 

In a fully vegan society, none of that would exist. You could go about your daily life secure in the knowledge that you were not participating in upholding and reinforcing this cyst-em of death and destruction.. 

The other reason why I would choose to move is because I believe that by contributing my energies toward making a fully vegan society flourish, I would actually be doing more to inspire non-vegans to consider this lifestyle, and to even be able to envision a complete overhaul of the current society. If people were seeing that a vegan society (not just in terms of animal rights, but in the greater sense of ethical veganism being based on the principle of non-violence) could be successful, enjoyable and fulfilling in both the dietary and the spiritual sense, they would be far more likely to want to emulate that. By contributing to and participating in a vegan society, I would actually be putting my energies into something productive with real forward movement on a large scale, rather than fighting  against the tide all the time.

An experimental vegan society could serve as the prototype for a whole new world. There could be nothing more worthy to devote my time, abilities, and creative vision to. 

One thing I have to add, though--NO GATED COMMUNITIES!!!! The point is not to shut out outsiders. The point is to welcome and embrace them, and allow them to see that a better world is indeed possible. 

No I would feel like it was a cult. I like the idea of diversity even if its not in synch with my beliefs.
Just for a vacation
That's a lovely one.
Absolutely !! Life would be so much easier to surround myself with kind beings who had the same beliefs as me and the food would most always be fantastic ! Don't get me wrong. I Love a diverse group of friends and family, I would just adore if I were surrounded by caring compassionate people who know the value of each and every life on this planet !! =)

I will definitely move there from where I live and I will spent my life there with a lots of vegetarian friends.


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