If there was a country that was 100% vegan, would you move there?

I have thought about this before, I think that if there were an island and/or country where all it's people were vegan I would move there. The country would be, for the most part, self sufficient with farms and basic goods made locally. There would be no need to read labels at the grocery store or question what you ordered at a restaurant. Meditation groups, yoga centers and running clubs would be common recreational activities. Nearly every neighborhood would have a community garden and bartering would take place for foods/services between citizens.  

What do you think? Would you move away from your home to live here?

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I don't think I will, but I think I will visit it. 

Im with you Xiao Kang,I would do the same!

Hell ya and would vaca in non-vegan places.

Ok, maybe not an entirely new country, but if there was a gated community within your existing state/country... I bet many of us would want to live there. It is like gay people in the USA, they love San Francisco because they are surrounded by other gay people and a culture that supports their lifestyle. I have known 3 gay friends of mine to move to SF in the last 5 years, and they love it. I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to be accepted and appreciated for who you are. It gets tiring having to defend your stance on everything for so long.. YES I am an example that you can abstain from animal products and still be in great shape. I am proud of the decisions that I make, I just wish I was surrounded by other people like me... all the time. 

Nope me moving or.not means the same amount of animals are getting killed

No If I lived there I couldn't teach people about the veg life style.

The majority of the human population are ignorant, self-centered and hopeless. I have very little interest in waisting my time with people that look down on my lifestyle. I became a vegan because of some PETA videos that I came across, and for that reason I donate to many animal rights organizations so that they can get the message out.

Mike...there are times that I feel that way myself but have to remind myself that it takes a lot for people to want to change especially in the older population where they are set in their ways. To lead by example is a good way to get most attention however there are many out there who will never get it. Those are the ones who are the abusive ones who think they have all of the right answers and then end up with some disease or die very early. I would say that is their choice if it werent for the fact that they are the cause and effect for animal cruelty, aware or not. Just going to McDonalds is supporting it.

 Yes i would !

Yes, I might consider moving to a Vegan "gated community". Doesn't mean I wouldn't be out in the world hoping to influence others but it would be nice to have that support. 

great response, thank you for that. 

Well I'm always up for living somewhere new. I would definitely move there! Would I stay there forever? Probably not. Though I would greatly enjoy living so peacefully and easily for the time I was :3! I would at least secure a vacation home there, or better yet retire there- that way in my old age, I'll have little to worry about :)!


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