If there was a country that was 100% vegan, would you move there?

I have thought about this before, I think that if there were an island and/or country where all it's people were vegan I would move there. The country would be, for the most part, self sufficient with farms and basic goods made locally. There would be no need to read labels at the grocery store or question what you ordered at a restaurant. Meditation groups, yoga centers and running clubs would be common recreational activities. Nearly every neighborhood would have a community garden and bartering would take place for foods/services between citizens.  

What do you think? Would you move away from your home to live here?

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I love life and the world around me and I can't see that moving to such a place would make animal suffering any less, actually, now I think about it I think it would be a bad option for me as I wouldn't be able to do anything to directly help animals.

Basically I wouldn't go there because it would be like running away from the problem and closing my eyes. That's not my idea of a life

Wonderful answer,we are here to help other animals

I might vaca there :)  I Love my country though, plus there are so many meat eaters here still to convert.

It's not your job to convert people:) But you can always educate them.

I would probably visit quite often!
But I have much work to do here, there are too many animals suffering and far too many blind people who need someone to help them see.

So No, I wouldn't move there- I'd much rather work on making our current country/world a vegan one :)

I would definitely!

after i pack, i help you pack

I would love to <3 I know about a vegan village that operates on it's own and I dream about going there XD


The world is make up with many different people and caging ourselves away from others is not right thing to do.I do not believe in hiding away from nothing and no one..Locking myself away from my brother/sister meat eaters, is not something I would do,or to shun others, that I didn't agree with their lifestyle or eating choices.I might not agree with them eating meat, but we're all still connected,as we are with animals and nature.

Plus,if we lock ourselves away, how can we show people or even educate them?Because,we are the example to them.By that  example, is to show them what a lifestyle of kindness and compassion reflects, to others that are not like we are.

Thats a lovely answer,well said!!!

probably copy paste?


get answer jenii...perfectly said. I don't think i would move there, too many people need help where i am but as a vacation  perhaps..yes. 


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