If the whole world becomes vegetarian how will pets be provided with pet food?

Does anyone know any details regarding cat and dog food, and how they're made, and how we'd be able to sustain our pets if "hypothetically" the world went vegetarian/vegan?

If you have any interesting articles regarding the topic of pet food and how a vegetarian world could affect pet food, I'd love to give them a read.

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Dogs can be vegetarian, there are vegetarian food for them, but cats can't. I heard about cat food that is vegetarian. I think they have made a synthetic nutrient in that. I'm sceptical to it so I don't know :S

I know dogs for a fact can be vegetarian, and I've heard that cats can also, despite controversy, be vegetarian. I'm not sure. Though if you leave a cat for instance to their own devices, they will hunt and kill on their own. In that situation, I'd say if you weren't willing to feed an animal meat, you need to choose a companion who doesn't need it.

Yes, rabbits make great pets and can even be housebroken.

It's a hard question. Cats absolutely cannot be vegetarian; their systems won't allow it. I compromise by buying only fish-based cat food for my two babies. 

I have this problem with my tortoise, he have to eat fish.

You are probably mentioning a turtle. From what i know tortoises live in land and most are herbivores. Only few eat meat, that too only worms.

I have a trachemys scripta scripta.


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