I've been vegetarian for a little while now and it's great. It's something that I would never have even contemplated when i was an omnivore. I used to walk to my supermarket and stock up on different types of meat, unaware of the implications I was causing for myself and upon the animals.

I had the really naive image in my head that the cows were free to roam around the farm and the farmer would grab a steel bucket and milk each cow individually and life on the farm was peaceful for the animals until it actually came to killing them. In fact that's completely the opposite from reality.

Doing my own research on slaughter houses and how the animals were treated was really a big slap in the face from reality when coming to this topic. Scenes of bloodshed and torture only brought on a horrendous sickly feeling. After several hours of documentaries on YouTube and reading up on books and articles, the only thing I could do, was cry, and cry and cry. Guilt enveloped me, knowing that I was contributing to this, that I had a part to play in these horrible inhumane acts.

One thing that really got to me was that I wasn't told about this earlier, that i had no one around me telling me about this and i had to research it all on my own. As though the truth was supposed to be hidden away from us, and that we should stay ignorant to a serious problem. I wanted to know why we weren't told about this in schools, instead of mindlessly eating whatever's put in front of you.

Now i see it as my moral obligation and duty to spread the truth to other people and to open their eyes. It just seems as though people aren't willing to listen, as if they don't want to know. Ignorance is truly bliss as they say and this, is a fine example. One thing that I can never get my head around is the people who KNOW about this subject, the death, blood, torture attached to their meat, yet they still carry on as if they don't care.

I've had several discussions with my friends on becoming vegetarian and they say that they can't give up meat for their own selfish needs. Now for me, I'm not going to lie, meat taste great but i sacrificed the taste of meat for the better of the animals. I honestly think that if you are aware of this situation and can't feel some sort of guilt, then you really lack a sense of compassion for your fellow earthlings and you have a serious problem. You can not love animals if you eat them, that makes no sense.

When I used to eat meat I used to look at the animals, say a pig and think, BACON. Now when I see a pig, I see the animal for what it really is, another living being,breathing, feeling, seeing, and connected to the Earth, physically and spiritually. That pig has as much right to be here as I or anyone else does and it's not fair on numerous different levels that they are grown for our consumption.

I think it's time that we all started to make it our own personal and moral duty to spread the truth, to change our ruthless ways and maybe one day, this entire global genocide of animals (because that's what it is) will stop, and humans, and animals and co exist with peace firmly stamped along our foreheads.

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I too changed (tho long ago in 1996) since Im a die hard animal lover.But I dont know how long will it take the whole world to be a vegetarian. It will take a long time though and it wont be in a jiffy. It mght be difficult but not impossible.

Thank you for this post. You describe the stages nicely:

1. Naivete/avoidance

2. Awakening

3. Horror and guilt

4. Activism

How do we provoke stage 2 in others? Everyone is different. Accusations, shock, anger, and aggression simply do not work. We have to be patient, and insistent, and encourage people to change themselves. It has to be voluntary and in accordance with their own personal timing.

Don't fool yourself into feeling ineffective. You influence others every day. More and more people are waking up. We are at the beginning of a revolution. 

my 13 yo daughter went from no red meat to vegetarian, mostly for the cruelty/humane aspect. I agree with you 100%


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