They always consider me "the vegetarian". My uncle always says, "still not eating meat after 2 years? I thought you'd break by then." And then just the classic things like shoving meat in your face. Can anyone relate or have similar experience?

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Haha, oh definitely. I was very shocked when my brother accused me of just joining a "fad". After a few months he approached me and he said, "So... when will you go back to eating meat, you think?" He said this very seriously, not mockingly as he had joked before- and I was even more offended. I just told him, "Never..." Of course, I'm just now approaching my 1 year anniversary, that your family thinks this of you after 2 years, I think that's very ridiculous. I have extended family who are like that very much- the first thing they say when they see me is, "Oh, your vegetarian now? Oh you're vegan now?" Le sigh. 

When it comes to nutrition, everyone likes to feel like they're an expert- everyone. When someone has a different diet, they feel insulted, like their knowledge is being challenged. Just don't let them get a rise out of you :)! Actually I said something very gross and funny at dinner when my uncle was over- he brought up my diet so I brought up - well, something not dinner talkish haha, he commented how inappropriate it was and I said, 'Yea, I wouldn't want to make you uncomfortable at dinner, sorry.' and that was the end of it haha.

Yeah, I have been a vegetarian for 2 years and will never eat meat again.

Good on you :)

yeah, I've had my fair share of being made fun of.... it really sucks. Luckily most of my family and friends are kind to me about being vegan but in return I am kind and respectful to them. Some people are just closed minded and aggressive to people being different. You'll get through it *hugs*

I can totally relate! while my family now accepts my choice to be vegan- it wasn't always that way.

"Why are you being so difficult, you're never going to make a difference"

"They are called livestock for a reason!"

"It's a phase, get over it and eat the damn chicken"

- I totally know how you feel. It's really hard to deal with! My close family (mom dad sister) now accept me and my veganism (it took 3 years!) but other relatives often call me "tree hugger" or "vegan freak" -Which I've come to take as compliments now. Stick to your guns! I admire your dedication. I know many of my friends are ALWAYS shoving meat in my face- Mooing at me when they order a burger or laughing when I bring a veggie tray to girls night- it's hard. Hang in there friend! Eventually maybe the people around you will open their eyes and hearts and learn to be more accepting and supportive through seeing you and your lifestyle as an example.

Great post!

Nothing is serious in life until we make it serious. If you see it as a joke, it will be a joke. 

:D They even call me a "goat"! Then I tell them that I'd rather be a "goat" than a "hyena" and end of discussion.

My family is pretty respectful, I haven't experienced such a thing. Even though they haven't become vegetarians, they have switched to plant based diets, so to me it's pretty easy to eat with them without being teased.

Yesss I can, have any pets?? When my family was giving me to much shit I grabbed a knife and my little dog layed him on the table and yelled "you want me to eat meat?! FINE! I'll eat meat!" With the most sinister look on me face. And once they shut up && started laughing I tooky buddy off the table and put the knife up. They don't bother me anymore. You know what your doing and why your doing it. Screw anyone else just be weird && crazy when they talk about it they'll stop eventually

lol I love that ! good idea

Used to happen to me A LOT, but after six years some of them are actually starting to accept it (not like I needed them to but it sure is less annoying). They even have special meals for me sometimes at family reunions. 

I think this will happen a lot, with family, friends, work pals, etc.. but, each of us have a special reason for our decision and we just need to be happy with it and ask people to respect it.

"I'm standing for what I believe in, even if that means I'm standing alone" -Anonymous 

Loved the anonymous quote! :)

I always say we choose our friends, they come in our life because our relationships are based on our free will but family is what had been given by birth and sometimes the family is the worst.

So I wouldn't think twice to screw them if they try to preach me how to live and what to eat. I don't tell them every time they eat meat that they actually eat carrion, right?!


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