I'm going back for the third semester at my community college in about a week. I managed to get all my classes one day of the week. That means I'm at school from 8:30am to 10pm. I have two 30 minutes breaks and one 15 minute break. What are some quick snack foods that I can munch on all day? I'm not really going to have much time for lunch. I need something thats going to keep me energized and focused. Easy to carry and store also? I'm not sure yet if I can use anything thats cold because I'm sure where I can keep it during class. If you can help me at all I'd really appreciate it!! Thanks!

Also, I'm a vegetarian if that matters. 

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My friend was eating raw carrots one day and I was like "what the fuck?" Turns out if you wash them and chop them up their pretty nice to eat on the go. Pistachios are pretty great snacks too. :) 

carrots indeed as Eamon Kerrigan suggested or sweet organic ripe apples; separate or finely cut up and mixed together they´re a delicacy...but white turnips too, among who some are sweet, some are slightly sharp, you need to find out...

---all of these are light snacks and above all great appetite suppressants even till supper...California almonds are also great, the thick ones, those light in colour plus an apple or two, yummo !

Ah~ how very exciting. Good for you that you were able to squeeze all your classes into one day. I never were able to do so when I was in university. Food preparing was my favourite part of the day even now. (^.^)

I would say since you have two 30 minutes and one 15 minutes then make it into a light mid-morning snack, lunch, and after noon snack.

Mid-morning Snack: I like to make my mid-morning snack to be more raw food based, so I like to take with me a fruit salad (washed grapes, sliced apples, sliced melon, etc.) in one container. As for vegetable based, I like to eat things like grape/ cherry tomatoes, ants on trees (just washed celery sticks with their grove filled nut butter and some raisins or bits of dried fruits), baby carrots/ sliced carrots, sliced cucumbers/ zucchini, etc. You can also take with you a single serving yogurt. It's pretty yummy to add the fruits into yogurt.

Lunch: For lunch I like to have a slightly more hearty lunch, so I will either go for warm food (like soup in thermo cup), different varieties of bentons (they can be eaten cold or heated), or sandwiches (I like to piece the sandwiches together when I eat it, so I'll have some hummus in a small container, toasted bagel/ toasted two slices of bread and a slice of cheese in one container, and a small container of sliced tomato without the seeds, cucumbers, sliced peppers.)

Afternoon Snack: I always have a savoury craving, so I'll be packed a small packet of multi-grain tortilla chips/ vegetable chips (these are dehydrated veggie slices)/ lightly salted banana chips.

In addition to that, I always pack a water bottle so I can be continuously hydrated and my small stash of emergency food like small bars of chocolate, granola bars (you can make them too), and a single serving of vegan milk in my bag as you never know whether you will need to stay behind for some discussion or when hunger strikes.

As for packing, I would say get a decent lunch bag that has a white plastic lining inside, which will help keep your food cool and fresh throughout the day.

Peanut butter jelly sandwiches, hommus and veggies, fruits, cereal bars, granola... I don't know, this is what comes in my head when I think about quick and easy snacks. :)

When I was in college I liked granola bars, fruits, almonds.

there are so many options... like a veggie sandwich, peanutbutter and honey (i know many like jelly but seriously, try peanut-butter and honey sandwich), rice and beans with fajitas, fruits, tortilla wraps with beans and rice and veggies,, pretzels.........

Pomegranate seeds maybe? Perhaps get some frozen corn or green peas and steam & package them too. 


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