Normally I go out with my friends (non-vegetarian) to eat in restaurants or anniversaries that are celebrated with a barbecue and I do not feel very well when I see them eating meat. I begin to feel the pain of the animal only to watch them eating
Especially when some joker is making jokes about my lifestyle.
I'm leaving to go out with them for feeling this way but I'm sad about this. 
Do you feel the same? Or am I disturbed?

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Yes, I feel the same too although, I do not show my feelings. Also, when going to the grocery store, I look in others shopping card and, if I see meat, eggs or dairy I get the same feeling. You can see that the people who eat meat are overweight or obese.

I feel the same, its like im going out with some predators.

And i'm trying to not hang out with them thats disgusting 

I believe practically everyone here feels the same you do, including myself. During meals with my family I hear things such as "oh this stack is DELICIOUS" and feel like throwing up.

I feel the same. Sometimes it makes me very sad and I can't understand how most people can be so careless not to realize that the consequence of their choices are the suffering and death of other sentient, loving beings. But then I remember I used to be one of them and it gives me hope that maybe we can change their minds as well...

me too :( I try to avoid such situations as much as possible.

I completely understand. My fiance eats meat and so I have to compromise for our children too. I can't make them be vegan so I have try and egnore what's on their plates as much as possible. x

i see my family twice a week and my dad and younger brother eats meat but luckily my brother eats upsatirs and  my dad mostly eat vegetarian so i dont tend 2 see it but i do help my mum cook so still know what meats being cooked  reminds me why im vegetarian

I've noticed lately that it bothers me more and more. Particularly the smell- it makes me physically sick. On our last road trip, my family dragged me into this diner and they had meat- hanging on the walls. Hanging. On. The. Walls. It was like a horror flick, I ran outside and left them a nice little present on their patio. Heh heh heh.

I know what you mean. I didn't realize what my brother was cooking once as I passed by the kitchen and just complained that it smelled terrible, as I put it "smells like death". It was just awful. I got used to the idea though of it smelling so now when I'm passing by I hold my breath, since the smell is just so horrible to me, any meat is, not just chicken.

Ha I hold my breath too! That's so funny. I also walk in and am like, "What smells so bad??" So bizarre to ever have thought it smelled good! Oh man how are you at Thanksgiving? I'm sure this year it will be just unbearable. 

i think im in love

Yep. Same here. 

But what really, really annoys me is the fact that everyone of them would consider him/herself as a 'animal lover' and 

that they could never eat a certain species like horses or dogs or cats. They say it's gross to eat a cat. They are totaly upset when they see some videos on the internet of animals getting skinned or hit. They post pictures on facebook which pictures a hurt dog and say 'like for this dog'.

I'm disgusted when I see/hear that. They do / say stuff like that, but when I say, heey, you eat them all  ? They're suddenly quiet or give silly excuses. As long as you eat meat you can't be an 'animal lover'. And in fact I never used to like animals, I never had any close relation to them, but I would never eat one. Who am I to kill another living being ?


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