Normally I go out with my friends (non-vegetarian) to eat in restaurants or anniversaries that are celebrated with a barbecue and I do not feel very well when I see them eating meat. I begin to feel the pain of the animal only to watch them eating
Especially when some joker is making jokes about my lifestyle.
I'm leaving to go out with them for feeling this way but I'm sad about this. 
Do you feel the same? Or am I disturbed?

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yes. I feel the same too.  like my bf's mother is a meat eater and ask me if i want some food that she made, I told her no but she then mocks me saying oh you can't eat anything but salad. and when i tell her there are many things i can eat without having an animal suffer, she says but "meat is soo tasty" this is the same person who feeds stray cats outside. i feel quite disturbed by it or when my bf cooks meat, i don't see it the same anymore.

Everytime someone says "Meat is tasty" I just think of this


love it!

Well, you can't make your friends to not eat meat. At least you can ask them stop making jokes at your diet. I suppose they should accept and appreciate it if they are your REAL friends. :}

 i feel the same as you do i hate seeing people eat meat. A huge pile of ribs are one of the worst. Like... thats a LIVING creatures ribs ffs its so sick. They just look like human ribs to me to. And when people get stonegrill meals and cook whole prawns that still have their shells eyes legs everything right in front of me. Its disgusting I literally just try and power through because on the ocacsions where i have said something everyone starts moaning and stuff *rolls eyes

Sometimes i ask my friends to order vegetarian sometimes they do sometimes they dont. u could try that? :)x

Unfortunately, brazilian barbecues are very common and we just have to deal with it the best way we can.

It's a matter of actively 'ignoring' the meat during the occasions, or openly refuse the invitations and parties of that sort.

In the end, it's really up to you whether you think it is worth standing up for a situation like that (mocking and related) or it's better to give up some of your leisure options.

Perhaps you can arrange for the nice bunch of your friends to get together without the occasional... stupid people, and somewhere that you can eat with ease.

Well being that just 8 weeks ago i still ate meat, I can't say yet how it makes me feel being new to this.  However, so far I won't tell someone what they should or should not eat, just as I hope they won't do back to me. I understand if they joke about it, thats not ok and yes I would feel a sense of disturbance. 

Yep. I see people eating meat and instantly I start judging them and am disgusted with them. All in my head of course. I won't say so out loud. When they ask if it bothers me I'll tell them it's their choice and I just eat what I want because if I admitted my actual feelings... well I wouldn't have too many friends :P Some converted to vegetarianism, but wound up converting back shortly after. One thought about it but wound up not, one went pescetarian, and then one family member ended up vegetarian. Idk if she still is though. But I've been vegetarian almost 2 years. Based on my feelings anyway, I'm sure vegans see me eat cheese and judge me. (I judge myself. But it's like a drug addiction. I can limit myself or try to cut it out but then I binge later and feel worse... I can't quit it. Addicted to the dairy :/ - I'm sure some meat eaters are addicted to meat, but I still judge em inside like vegans probably do me. As long as they keep it in their head I don't mind. Judgements belong in heads :P) Anyway if anyone tries to joke about it, well they only wind up mad at me later because I wind up giving them a biology and morality lesson. My friends learned it's best to avoid the topic to not feel like an idiot or just immoral :P 

I don't feel sick, but I feel the pain. I don't like when someone is eating meat and says: "hey, man, this is food, 'macho' food. why don't you eat a beef?", or the classic "it's impossible being vegetarian, what can I do?". It makes me angry.

I feel the same Ana! When i first went to meet my Ex girlfriends family, (as lovely as they were) When it came to lunch they had come back with a massive bucket of KFC and all of them including my Ex were devouring chicken wings.

And of course I had to pretend that this was normal .... ANYTHING would have been better then KFC :|

I feel the same makes me even more angry and stuff like that!


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