Normally I go out with my friends (non-vegetarian) to eat in restaurants or anniversaries that are celebrated with a barbecue and I do not feel very well when I see them eating meat. I begin to feel the pain of the animal only to watch them eating
Especially when some joker is making jokes about my lifestyle.
I'm leaving to go out with them for feeling this way but I'm sad about this. 
Do you feel the same? Or am I disturbed?

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I feel the same cuz im a mexican vegan so im always surrounded by dead animals and when i begin to tell my family why i dont eat them then thay get mad at me but its OK im getting used to it

Yeah I do... Well, my father and his mother have not accepted that I'm vegetarian yet, so they always ask me if I want some deli meats on my bun and something and I'm like nook for god sake, because I feel disgusted when I see them eating meat in front of me - especially if it's steak and it's not like "done" and I can see some of the blood. It's very obnoxious. I'm very happy that I've chosen to be vegetarian.

Directly after becoming a vegetarian I initially never had any problem with being around others eating meat because I could sympathize with them since I had literally just given up what they were eating. As time passed, however, I noticed myself becoming more and more turned off even by the sight of cooked meat or anybody else eating meat around me. Granted I still find myself around people eating meat since my family still eats meat, it completely grosses me out to the point where I have to get up and walk away sometimes.

The defining moment for me was an evening I went to a baseball game at my old high school. A few of the people in the stands brought a tray of hot wings and commenced to sitting around the dish in a tight circle and just devour the wings, at which point I nearly gagged. At that point I really began to wonder how people could still be so barbaric. 

So no, you're definitely not alone! I'm right there with you!

Yes, i feel the same.. That's the reason i gave up eating meat in 2012, because i felt the animal's pain and instantly made the connection between what was on my plate and the alive animal, who was killed.. I feel really sick and sad when i stay near a person that eats meat, especially when the smell of that cooked dead body reaches to me.. :( I tried to make my mother to give up meat, but i feel like i'm talking to a wall when i try to explain this to her..

I feel the same, also. I literally feel the urge to vomit. When my boyfriend or family eats meats in front of me I'll make jokes about it and call them foul but if its just friends I'll stick it out. But it's seriously disturbing. I can literally invision a little lamb in my head with a sad face like off the Simpsons ep "Lisa the Vegetarian" haha.


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