Eating vegan doesn’t have to be expensive. See how to have a full day of healthy vegan meals for under $4! Follow these recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert at a grand total of $3.75—straight from the budgeting brilliance of Ellen Jaffe Jones, author of “Eat Vegan On $4 A Day.” See the links below for more resources on finding fresh, affordable whole foods and produce, and to help others do the same!

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➣ Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank:
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★Blog Post With The Written Recipes & More Resources:$...
➣ Vegan On A Budget Playlist:
➣ Vegan On A Budget: My Top 10 Tips!:
➣ Grow Your Own Food:
➣ 15 Easy Egg Substitutes:
➣ The True Cost For Our Kids (of Eating Animal Products):
➣ Vegan in Venezuela on $30 A Month!:
➣ Vegan Food For the Homeless:
➣ My Bulk Produce Car-Free Grocery Haul:

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