so I wrote a status on facebook that went something like this:

Saying you’re against animal cruelty but still consuming meat is like saying you’re against racism but you make weekly donations to the KKK..

of course meat eaters came out and started to protest against how I feel..which whenever I write anything else, nobody responds but once I POST something about my diet and how I feel..they like to attack me.

one of them said : I was vegetarian for ages so I can argue both sides but in reality they are ours to eat because it is the natural food chain. They have to be eaten in reality because it's the process of life. If everyone was vegetarian then we would have too many animals and we would have to kill them all anyway

to which I replied : so it must be a process of life to rape and murder too huh? after's "part of life" no..i do not agree. in that case lets continue to kill humans as well since we overpopulate the your logic, that doesn't make sense


she than said :By my logic that is the natural process of things. It's how it should be, it should happen, animals eat other animals dont they? I think you're forgetting we are animals too.

I got really upset and replied : think you are forgetting that UNLIKE animals below us,we have the intelligence and means to live without meat..scientifically we do not NEED to eat meat ,we are not build for it. by your logic..I think you need to do more research. enjoy your meat and dairy. and no it's not how it should be or how it should happen..

I had to end it..I am not very good with debates and handing out facts as I am still new to this.(7 months) and i have a REALLY hard time putting my foot down and debating my side and how I feel without feeling lost for words or angry.

can anybody help me? I don 't like debates..I just need to know how to handle stuff like this better. 

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I know how u feel, its horrible how ppl r so blind and brainwashed into this kinda thinking. I myself mostly try to keep myself calm, but im not rly good with it either, i rly disagree when ppl say that the animals r here already, so we would have to kill them anyways, what BS seriously. 

The cold truth is that most of the ppl only live for themselves, they dont care about anything else than themselves and theyr own familys. U cant force anyone in the end, but u can always erase ppl from ur friends, if its not some rly close friend ( in wich case they would not talk like this to u, i believe). I have lost many "friends" who couldnt watch my posts anymore (i post a lot about animal violence in meat industrys), they disagreed and erased me instead or simply sayed they couldnt see that violence anymore, some ppl love to keep theyr eyes and ears closed.

Most people probably don't know the impact that their individual diet can make. Most of them probably eat what they do mostly out of convenience. It's much easier for them to go to a drive thru than to creatively come up with and make a healthy (for humans and the planet) meal.

I wouldn't even try to appeal to people's compassion at first, instead arm yourself with facts about the negative impacts of meat consumption on human health and the planet. Here's a post I made recently on Facebook, it was in response to an original poster that said "the reason meat eaters get so upset is because they know they're wrong." I don't think that's the case at all... I think their stance is based on ignorance. Don't get in a yelling match with them, instead hit them with facts... I didn't even get in to the health problems meat consumption causes in the post...

--- my facebook post ---

I don't think "most people get upset because they know they're wrong." I think a lot of pepole don't know the actual impact their individual diet can make on the planet. I'm vegan but don't look down on or judge meat eaters...

My main reason is the environmental consequences of eating meat. One of my favorite quotes is the Native American proverb, "We don't inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." I think it's sad that future generations will never know a world as rich in biodiversity as past generations. The trend will only continue...

Do people not want their children to enjoy the most beauty this world can offer? Methane gas (from factory farming) is 23 times more efficient a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. This makes factory farming the largest contributor to global warming; more than all automobiles, planes, ships, and trains combined.

A small pig farm produces more waste than the city of LA. Not to mention all the land that's cleared for these farms. Now the rest of the world is following suit clearing out their forests to raise meat. In effect destroying the lungs of the world that create oxygen for us all...

Some studies have concluded that it takes up to 600-1200 gallons of water to produce one 1/4 pound patty of beef. I believe we're heading towards a clean water shortage in the future, considering all the pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics we're poisoning our land and water supply with...

One last disturbing fact is that a woman that consumes dairy is 3 times more likely to have twins than one that doesn't. This happens to be the same percentage as cows that have twins who are given absurd amounts of antibiotics and growth hormones....

I try to pass on knowledge, encouragement, and inspiration... not judgement...

Very true.

thank you. I need to study more on facts. i don't judge others but i dislike the fact that people attack me. 

this is something I need to address to people more frequently, but sleeping on everything, so you have time to think or dream about a logical rebuttal,

I am not so sure that your analogy works perfectly.  being against animal cruelty but eating meat shows that the person has sympathy for animals, but is still habituated to eat meat. it doesn't mean that he or she is actually killing the animal physically like a hunter or a butcher.

so if someone is against racism, he might still be a member of a club or a circle of friends where racism is a common belief.  but it doesn't mean that he or she is lynching non-white people. I think this analogy is closer to the case you are trying to portray.  let's not forget that the reason why racism isn't always successful is that people who are still in some implicated circles won't let violence against certain target groups get that far.

it goes the same for people who still eat meat. they  might eat meat but it doesn't mean that they want to see animal cruelty. I would say that you could take a softer approach and realize the efforts that others are trying to make around you even if they don't have the same diet.

even vegans make regular donations to facism by supporting the american government through taxes. think about it.

it's not my analogy ..just a status from a vegan page which I agree with. it may not have been worded correctly but I think it is true .

I take soft approaches often..what I say on my status or even borrowed wasn't mean or's truth. people attack me for  even putting articles on how i feel about anything it's not about taking a softer approach..i am a meek person, i don't like arguments or debates..i need to know how to handle people that are rude or say really dumb things and attack me. 

when you post a status on fb, it becomes your status. so  at that point, the analogy you promote becomes your analogy whether you are the author or not.  you agree with the analogy.  I don't.  so I explained why the analogy doesn't really work.

I think we need analogies that actually work when we want to debate others.

if you think you are posting the truth with your analogy, then I would say your approach is not a soft one.  the soft approach I was mentioning is when  you recognize the contributions of others rather than discrediting them.

A family member was vacationing here a few weeks ago and while we were visiting he started asking me lots of questions about my diet. I answered his questions enthusiastically  because I love sharing this information and he seemed genuinely interested for his own well being. I didn't play up the animal cruelty angle so much because I find it difficult to do so without putting others immediately on the defense or making them feel bad...never my intent.

BUT, at one point he asked me "when did the light bulb go off where you just stopped doing what you'd always done since infancy?"  My reply, the day I sat down at my computer and had the courage to research factory farming "chickens", and factory farming "pigs" and factory farming "cattle" and I cried the whole time. That was the day I stopped and I never looked back. I answered his question and I imagine by the look on his face he may at some point work up the courage to do the same.

You need to ask yourself the reasons for your choices and never apologize for them...what makes it personal for you, why its your passion. Most people will be respectful of that and the others don't matter. The thing is, once your debating, your on the defense. People tend to say ridiculous things and become closed minded when they get in to heated discussions. e.g., well, where do you get your protein? well, plants are living creatures too! etc... etc...

Lead by example, live with passion and pride.

lol the things some meat eaters and ex vegetarians say..blow my mind. 

I know, it is silly how some meat eaters react. The thing is I think, you make them aware of a fact they help exist. So they don t want to know the trues. Basically they are cowards. Just tell people times have changed and that you don t have to be a vegetarian to eat vegetarian. May by this will help.

Such an easy trap to fall in to. Check out this 2 min video about how to deal with conflicts as a vegan:

Hope it helps :)

Plus, If someone asks me why I'm vegan I just send them to this infographic - shows how vegans do good:



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