How to deal with sadness and guilt because of animal suffereing?

Dear fellow vegetarians & vegans,
This is an emotional support seeking post - an SOS call.
I have struggled since many years living with the pain of animal suffering in the world - some times making work / business decisions to avoid indirectly contributing to the mess. Life was going okay with the ups and down, but of late, my conscience has been bothering me a lot. The feeling I get is -> how can I continue to live, let alone enjoy, in a world where millions (perhaps hundreds of millions) of animals are mercilessly slaughtered / tortured for food/fashion/medicine etc. While I am sometimes guilty of the "holier than thou" attitude, my current situation is not that.
I am genuinely feeling hopeless, unsure of the universe's plan or the nature of the creator. Perhaps more importantly for myself - because of extreme pangs of guilt, pain and despair - I am unable to carry on my daily duties to support myself and my family. I come from a Hindu religions background and have been taking shelter in the Bhagwad Gita from time to time - but - presently - I am unable to find answers to my questions even there (not a religious comment - just mentioning someone can understand my situation better with this information).
Even as I write this and you read this, millions of animals are probably being slaughtered around the world.
I have discussed from time to time with my friends / family / teachers - and they do help - but eventually - they end up giving psychiactric medications - which cause tons of side effects and leave me with years of physical and mental sluggishness to deal with.
I am hoping there is someone in this group - who can hopefully understand what I am going through, and maybe suggest tips to deal with it, and if I am lucky - maybe even show me some spiritual light & truth that gives me strength to carry on, survive and make a positive difference in the world.
Thanks for reading,

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Hello Janak,

Do the best you can and leave the rest with a small prayer of reiki healings. That is what I do. Please understand that remaining in this despairing state is not how you will be able to help animals in a largely non vegan world. Detach, let go and be happy in the knowledge that you are doing your best to effect a change. Turn your sensitivity and vulnerability into a strength. I know it's easier said than done. There are many like you who care as deeply, that should give you hope..


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