This summer, I'm going to a Mormon Girls Camp, where there will probably be hot dogs, hamburgers, or some other type of meat and egg dish for every meal. I don't exactly know how to cope with that, since I don't know if It would be rude to refuse most the food they give me. I also don't know If I should bring my own food, or if that would seem rude also. Help?

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Wow. I can see how that might be a challenge. Perhaps reaching out to them proactively might be wise?

Just do it relaxed..

  • I'd ask the organizers whether vegetarian meals are planned and decide based on that whether to bring my own food or not
  • When offered meat, just tell thanks but you're vegetarian. Only tell more if people are asking about :) (some will, don't allow discussions about how this could impair your health or similar nonsense, if someone's really interested you will recognize that)
  • Just not taking food you're offered doesn't have to be rude in our "western" culture, it depends on how you do it -- friendly, with a smile and not lecturing about veg*ism is never considered rude.

It's not rude :) If it's a camp for girl they should be serving some nommy vegetables anyway! I would definitely ask about bringing your own food, that would be very convenient. How long is the camp, by the way? A lot of those types of deals are vegetarian friendly now. Good luck and keep us informed :)

hey taylor,

i've sent three daughters and one niece to girl's camp over the past few years.  you or your mom can chat with the people who will be doing the cooking.  the cooks at my daughters' camp went out of their way to make vegetarian food for my daughters.  one year, the woman i spoke with had no clue how to do vegetarian except peanut butter sandwiches. i was grateful that she allowed me to educate her.  we went over the menu together and were able to make several modifications.  you or your mom might have to do this as well depending on the knowledge that your cooks will have.  it may be as simple as leaving the bacon off your baked potatoe or eggs in the morning, substituting beans for meat in a taco, or making a bit of spaghetti sauce without meat. if you want to bring your own food, do so.  they will not think it rude at all.  the other girls might be interested and or curious, so you might want to have your answers ready for their questions.

have a great year at camp.  :)

Wow that's lovely Cherie :) Great advice.

you are a mormon then I take it? aren't any mormon's who are veggie? it should be as simple as making a phone call to the kitchen. you are paying for the camp so they have to cook what you want to eat.

otherwise, did you consider a 7th Day Adventist summer camp? do they even have those? because at least 7th day are vegetarian.

My wife just told me her daughter went to a church camp in California this (now past) summer. The camp catered to children's specific diet needs. Emily (my step-daughter) is lactose intolerant and the camp provided soy milk (I wonder if they would have had Almond milk) 

I wonder how it ever worked out for the OP. If you see this, let us know please.


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