Hello there, this is my first discussion and I want to know if you guys ever suffered rejection from your family because you don't eat meat. I've been a vegetarian for a month now and my family was way too rough when I made the decision. The following happened to me a few minutes ago.

My mom went out to the market to get us some lunch and she brought me a lasagna, since she was going to eat a chicken. I open the lasagna and before I put it in the oven, I decided to read the ingredients to see if there was any meat in there, and fortunately, I discovered that the cheese was processed with bacon to get more flavor. I told my mom that, and said I was sorry but I wouldn't eat that. She, then, told me, and i quote: "It's just a little bacon, it won't do you any harm, you won't get intoxicated or something". I told her (again, I have to explain it to her every time) why I wasn't eating meat: I don't want to be a part of the industry that kills hundreds of innocent animals a day, I don't feed off of a dead animal, we are all the same... She started yelling and stuff, saying that by smoking i'm a part of an industry that kills thousands because of cancer, that I'm taking away her peace and she was going to take me to a doctor because I wasn't getting enough nutrients and i had bags under my eyes (i had just woke up, btw). Well, the thing is we started crying, she yelling at me and when I started saying that smoking was a choice I was making (and i smoke a cigarrete every now and then, I don't consider myself an addict) and that the animal that was killed to mix a part of him to the cheese so it would taste better had no choice at all, she left me speaking alone and locked herself in her bedroom.

What can a person do when something like that happens often and from your own mom? How to deal with her, when she doesn't even want to understand your choice? It gets me really upset because becoming a vegetarian was a decision that made me really really happy... Sorry for the bad english btw. (:

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My parents and I parted company years before they died.  But, they always mocked me for being a vegetarian...and even though my father knew that my wife's and my home was smoke-free, he disrespected me so much that he lit up a cancer-stick anyway.  Needless to say, I didn't invite him over again!  As for being a long-term vegetarian (40+ years), after my father died, I tried to act decently with my mother...even though we always hated each other...and invited her over for a spinach lasagna dinner. 


Now, at the risk of bragging, I am considered a VERY good cook.  I prepare just about everything from "scratch" (no canned or frozen stuff EVER!) and I've created a plethora of original, highly-seasoned recipes, over the last 40 years.  (I've never met a hot pepper I didn't love!  In fact, I had to tone down the spices when my wife and I first got together...although her tolerance has gotten better over the years.)  I've invited carnivores over for dinner but always warned them that I wouldn't be serving any kind of dead animal.  Without exception, everyone has been amazed at how great my meals were and usually asked me for the recipes.  In fact, more than one person has suggested that I should write a cookbook...which I plan to do to help support our self-financed cat-rescue mission, "The Cat Farm".  (How does "Cat Farm Cookery" sound for a title?)


Getting back to that infamous dinner:  when my mother finished eating the same spinach lasagna meal I make for my carnivorous friends (and she scarfed it down like she was starving!), I asked her how she liked it.  Her answer:  "It tasted like vomit!"


So, it wasn't so much my parents rejecting me for being a vegetarian.  It was more like me rejecting them for being total JERKS!!!


As for your mother trying to force you to eat that bacon-flavored lasagna:  That was mean-spirited and you should avoid her because she doesn't sound very nice (putting it politely!):  kinda like a witch with a "b"!  On rare occasion, I have had a restaurant serve me veal parmigian instead of the eggplant parmigian I ordered.  However, I don't make a fuss and just eat what's on my plate.  Why?  Because the poor animal is already dead and if I demanded an exchange for the eggplant, they would just throw the veal into the trash...which would be the ultimate disrespect for that creature.


Food for thought.

s a mom I think she is really worried about you. She has most likely been taught that eating animal products is necessary and healthy her whole life. Becoming veg*n is not easy without access to and time to learn about true healthy plantbased nutrution. Sometimes, depending on where you shop an especially if you don't have the time and knowledge to cook for yourself, animal free options are very difficult to find.  Your mom loves you. She is probably confused about how to keep you healthy. Sit down with her and learn with her some new options for things she is used to providing you. Maybe if you go about it gently youcan win her over as well.

She'll warm up, try to reframe from yelling or anything. Just be as passive as possible. It'll settle itself


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