Hello there, this is my first discussion and I want to know if you guys ever suffered rejection from your family because you don't eat meat. I've been a vegetarian for a month now and my family was way too rough when I made the decision. The following happened to me a few minutes ago.

My mom went out to the market to get us some lunch and she brought me a lasagna, since she was going to eat a chicken. I open the lasagna and before I put it in the oven, I decided to read the ingredients to see if there was any meat in there, and fortunately, I discovered that the cheese was processed with bacon to get more flavor. I told my mom that, and said I was sorry but I wouldn't eat that. She, then, told me, and i quote: "It's just a little bacon, it won't do you any harm, you won't get intoxicated or something". I told her (again, I have to explain it to her every time) why I wasn't eating meat: I don't want to be a part of the industry that kills hundreds of innocent animals a day, I don't feed off of a dead animal, we are all the same... She started yelling and stuff, saying that by smoking i'm a part of an industry that kills thousands because of cancer, that I'm taking away her peace and she was going to take me to a doctor because I wasn't getting enough nutrients and i had bags under my eyes (i had just woke up, btw). Well, the thing is we started crying, she yelling at me and when I started saying that smoking was a choice I was making (and i smoke a cigarrete every now and then, I don't consider myself an addict) and that the animal that was killed to mix a part of him to the cheese so it would taste better had no choice at all, she left me speaking alone and locked herself in her bedroom.

What can a person do when something like that happens often and from your own mom? How to deal with her, when she doesn't even want to understand your choice? It gets me really upset because becoming a vegetarian was a decision that made me really really happy... Sorry for the bad english btw. (:

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you reject her, she rejects you. 

It takes a while for people to wrap their minds around what becoming vegetarian mean. She probably got angry because she tried to accommodate you and it didn't work. I would make sure she knows how much you appreciate her effort. You should start making a list of the things you eat so when asked you can make suggestions. I'm not sure your age but you should also plan on making / buying your own food that suits your new dietary requirements.

For Christmas I'm making / bringing roasted butternut squash soup and vegan homemade crusty bread to my families (Non-Veg@n Christmas Dinner). There's enough for everyone, but I'll be sure to have a yummy delicious dinner to celebrate Christmas too :) It always feels good when people ask, Wow, this is Vegan?? Makes em think!

I think you are probably wisest maintaining good humor about it.  I know it can be difficult, but there are laughs many times to be found in these types of things.  No one is perfect. not even me.  :)

You love her, and she loves you.

Good fortune, Camila.  :)

Before you think your family rejects you for being a vegetarian, think carefully. There could be other reasons like trying too much to educate your family, rejecting to do your share of family responsibilities, asking your mother to cook vegetarian dishes for you. 

I knew people who are pushing their family members to become vegetarians. He does not have a job and dependent on the parents for his needs. That's a bad example.

Ugh. I hate when family says that.

That is really ridiculous. I think you were very polite in telling her, 'Sorry, I can't have this.' My family gave me a lot of troubles, but they were always respectful when I would not eat something. They would never start berating me, afterall what you put into your body is your own business. Hopefully with time she can come to understand your side, and react calmly and rationally when a mistake is made. You can assure her that it wasn't her fault, that it's hard to read through the ingredients- what you can do is, offer to come shopping with her. You guys can bond and also you can make sure your foods are kosher so to speak. During this process you can also teach her what kind of things to look for. Another good idea is to offer her a list of brand names that ahead of time which are friendly :)! This way shopping for her will be very easy, and she will not feel bad for buying the wrong product. Good luck :) And I think your English is great!

Most of these issues will be solved with time. They will realize it sooner or later. At least you will get used to it. These problems are not practical to be solved in an instant. Change of attitudes take time. Your good faith will be rewarded some day.. one way or another...

It just takes time. My mum made me potatoes roasted in goose fat and just didn't understand. "but it's not meat" she kept saying. I ate meat for years before changing. It is just ignorance. They will never understand. My brother mocks me but refuses to watch what I have watched or read what I have read. Can't win.

Well I think first of all, that you're making you mother responsible for you being a vegetarian.  I'm not sure how old you are...but if your mother is paying for your food...you either shut up & eat it or be responsible for your own meals.  You chose to be veg...no one else is responsible for your choices.  I'm sure we'd hear a different version from your mother.

As for your smoking...you're a hippocrate. She's right...you're smoking & you won't eat bacon???  If you're only a vegetarian due to animal cruelty...it's YOUR choice & yours alone.  I'm sure you did actual research to make the veg choice...you need to educate yourself on everything that encompasses smoking...including health, financial & psychological reasoning & effects.

Btw...I'd rather eat bacon than smoke any day!  And if you were smart instead of spoiled, then you would know this.  Sorry...but I have no sympathy for you...you need to respect your mother.  She tried.  YOU blew it up.  Grow up & be accountable for your own choices.

There are people out there who are rejected by friends and family ever day because they are gay or have mental health issues. I can't believe people complain about family rejectng them because they are vegetarian.

I'd love to see you complain about this to a gay person who has been rejected by family. Then you'll know you have nothing to worry about. 

Find a way to deal.


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