Hi, how long have you all been vegetarian? And why do you choose to be vegetarian?

Please share your vegetarian experience with us!

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15 years for me, my mum and dad went vegetarian 5 years or so before me and let me make my own decision. I remember watching a film in biology lesson about the way chickens where treated and it started there.

Hello, I've been vegetarian since I was 13 Years old. It's all because of I have noticed that I have a lump in my jaw. I was scared and remembered that my dad told me that red meat caused cancer when he was suffering a lump surgery when I was  5 or 6. Went time passed, I realised that it is not only linked with the karma ( we Buddhism believe that human can be reborn to animals if they have sin) but also the cruelty and the environment that the factory farming that has caused to us, to the world. From there, I tried my best to stop the daily food as well to show the support and wish that the factory farming will stop someday.  I am now 27 years old, the lump is still with me and I am still a healthy lady :) 

Started shifting to less meat in 1988, full vegetarian since 1991, moving towards vegan, but not too fanatic. I love good food, rich variety, nice environment.

Raised country side, jobs in ICT for pig farmers and butchers. Got an inside view of the industry. Was married to a farmers daughter. Turning vegetarian was kind of difficult to accept for my family and friends. After 3 years I became easy with it and problems disappeared. What inspired me most to step away from it was the similarity in energy in the slaughter house and the morgue in a police station. What actually made me commit was one class in spirituality. Never looked back, no regrets, no inklings.

An Agricultural Engineer explained the economical non-sense of modern day agriculture. It made so much sense. But the idea that to have peace on the planet we need to have peace on our plate was what pulled me over.

Hello fellow vegetarians! 

I've been vegetarian for 14 years now. Decided to go vegetarian when i was a teen working at a grocery store during a huge meat sale. I never liked eating meat, the taste or the texture of it and I guess I just felt weird about eating it when I was little. It was always the last on my plate and I would be forced to spend an hour after dinner at the dinner table until I ate it (or in my rebelliousness not eat it and my parents would give up). Oddly enough, I've never really liked milk either so I gave up buying milk and opted for soy milk around the time I went vegetarian. I tried veganism in my early twenties but found it hard given the lack of choices and the fact that I was addicted to cheese. I became vegan last year for health benefits/weight loss and it's developed into so much more than that. I now understand the environmental benefits and how important it is to raise awareness for animal cruelty. I have found a new spiritual connection to my lifestyle. 

I've also noticed less pain overall...no more migraines, no more restless legs at night and a general lightness. I feel good and have more energy and I've lost weight as well. So i'm happy with my choice! Good to meet everyone


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