Hi, how long have you all been vegetarian? And why do you choose to be vegetarian?

Please share your vegetarian experience with us!

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I have been a strict vegetarian most of my life. A vegan for nearly two decades. I'm 48. I would say the reasons are primarily compassion for the animals, then health, since I have heart issues which run within both sides of the family, and because I'm a Buddhist.

Hi! I'm new in the site but I've been off and on, strict and semi vegetarian for years (with fish) until 8 months ago I decided to embrace strict veganism (raw). I'm an animal rights advocate. So happy to meet you all here.

I am 22 and I have been a vegetarian for just over 3 years. I became a vegetarian because I decided I do not need to eat animals to survive. I am against things like fox hunting where animals are killed for sport, but also I decided they do not need to be killed for food. 

I became Vegan along with my husband in 1970.   We read Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss and it told about how animals were treated and how healthy the vegan diet was.   The next morning we threw out all the food in the house and started over.    Here we are 43 years later healthy 62 year olds who hand dig a quarter acre garden with ease to grow our food.   We are always healthy and happy.   Have not been ill or seen a doctor in 43 years. 

It sounds so ideal that you and your husband were able to make that change together! It seems too often that just one spouse or partner does the reading and learning and the other doesn't follow suit. I'm single and it is difficult to find someone who is "in the know" so to speak or even open to my dietary choices. I'm open to dating those who eat meat and dairy but worry how to mesh our lifestyles from that. It's great to hear that your story is different and that you two are in good health :)

I'm 15 and I have being vegetarian my whole life! I'm lucky enough to have parents that made the choice to bring me up vegetarian. I'm so grateful for this. They never made me eat meat, and my Dad knows all the facts and stuff, we all talk about it for hours!

i was fortunate to have been raised as a vegetarian

This is so funny I've been a vegetarian for a year today.I became one after eating a hamburger and got very ill now I cant stand meat best thing I've ever done never felt better! 

I became a partime vegetarian when my daughter didn't want to eat meat at the age of five (now 6 years ago) She said to me:" Mom, I don't want to pet a chicken and eat it for dinner. And why do I have to eat this fish when I'm looking at Flipper (her goldfish)?" Smart girl. So I took her serious, everybody around me told me I was a bad mother not giving her meat :P  It took me 5 years to get rid of the idea that i would never eat meat again.... She was right, my little girl. It's not necessary to eat an animal. My husband and other daughter still eat meat, only in weekends. But our youngest daughter changed our lives, for good! So proud of her <3

I have been veg since 2003 and I love it.

I would try (with my poor english) to explain my experience. My father was a  farmer, but I never lived with him, but I saw several times how they kill a pig or a a rabbit and I was very sad. I lived with my mother and she like fishing and she made me eat meat and fish and she did´n let me rise the table ultil I had finished my destestable food and that made me feel bad with my consciousness beause I always loved animals but not in my dish please! In the moment I could decide by myself what to eat it was different. Also I had many stomach problems from 7 years old and an incompetent doctor told me NOT to eat vegetables or fruit, INCREDIBLE, but I continued eating them because they made me feel very good. Two years ago I saw one minute of Earthlings and decided not to eat more meat or fish and not to buy brands with animal ingredients or that they test their products on animals. I´m ovo lacto vegetarian because I have the possibility of buying eggs directly of a particular house, not of any farm or industry, and the same with cheese. My boyfriend is also vegetarian but he decided recently after a big problem in his stomach, and he is very happy with his decision, like me. We do it for ethical questions. We have vegan thoughts, we live like vegans but eat different because we have the possibility to buy eggs or cheese without cruelty. If one day we don´t have this possibility I think we would be absolute vegans.We live in Formentera (Balearic Islands), the same place where I was born and is very difficult for us when we want to go out for dinner because there are not many options but my boyfriend has incorporated 3 vegan options in the restaurant where he is working. A great step!

Have been a veg for about ten years now. But I wanted to be one my entire life. Why? The animal abuse ofcourse. I don´t want to be a part of cruelty and violence. You can´t eat meat without any violence involved. A life for a life. If you kill you deserve to be killed... And that´s what happen to all those meateaters when they get heartattacks and stroke because of too much colestrol. Maybe sounds cruel. But what to we do to the animals we eat?


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