Hi, how long have you all been vegetarian? And why do you choose to be vegetarian?

Please share your vegetarian experience with us!

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That's just a great experience to live in a farm and realize the cruelty to pig directly. Congrats on being vegan again!

Yes, and you look about 28! Vegetarianism - the fountain of youth.

you are 40 ??? gosh you look so young! being vegan/vegetarian has surely helped you to look beautiful as you're are!

Hi, I am glad to be here! I am "officially" veg for 2 years, but haven't been eating meet before that as well... I am on vegan raw food most of the time with very few rare exceptions!
all the best :) 

I am glad you are here to share with us too. Thanks for your experience!

Hey! looks like I'm the first to reply! I never liked meat growing up but I ate chicken because I assumed you HAD to. About 2 years ago I realized you could certainly live without meat so I stopped buying it (for myself) while my husband was deployed. He still eats meat but did do a 30 day vegetarian challenge with me. I loved it, he did not. So now he eats meat 3-4 times a week and I don't eat it at all. Last summer (2011) I realized I was getting migraines within 24 hours of eating dairy so I gave that up too and I really enjoy this lifestyle. 

Yes, I also ate some chicken meat and fish but because I was forced to do this by my parents!!! 
Sorry to hear about your husband, usually when they try, the people love vegetarian way of eating :) 

I don't mind, he has cut back on animal consumption and processed foods and he doesn't bother me about the way I live so I'm happy for that. I think he really had a hard time at work (he's military) finding veg-friendly food and being teased by his friends. At home he doesn't complain about veggie meals.

There is no way my husband would do it! He has to have meat with everymeal.  I have asked him to have a vege meal at least 2 times a week, he said no but hell no.  I have no support from him but I do what I want and I don't care.  Since my family is not vege I get there meat from a near by farm that is grass feed and they only get red meat a couple times a month.  I also cook fish 2 or 3 times a week and they rest chicken.  I have no choice because I can't force him to do this.

Of course you have a choice! lol I'm so sorry that you're in the situation that you're in and I know of vegetarians and vegans who still cook or buy meat, but I have to say, you don't HAVE to support their meat eating. It sounds like your husband is completely uncompromising. That's not fair! So you have to put your time and money towards a habit that isn't promoting his health, or your ethics because he can't 1: Cook his own damn carcass and 2: try something new?

I agree, you have a choice. I am veggie, my husband eats meat...outside of the house only!

I will not buy it or cook it.

Excellent response. If your core inner belief is that killing animals is wrong, then you should be respected for that - by EVERYONE in your family. That belief and intention is honorable and it should take precedence. You do not need to buy, handle, and cook pieces of carcasses for ANYONE!  It would be a deal-breaker for me. 


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