how do you live as vegetarian or vegan in your country

well, I live in Taiwan. if i say I 'm vegetarian ,most people will think I must be religious Buddhist..some people will make fun of me..are you going to be a monk..?!!and they gave me a lot of offensive questions..such as"why are you going to be vegetarian?""no matter how you try,the animal will be kill"...etc. because they think eating meat is our culture, in my opinion, eating meat is not right thing to do!! anyway being vegetarian is always associated with religion in Taiwan..both my parents are vegetarians, because they are Buddhists..they follow what Buddha said..they are religious Buddhist...

in Taiwan a lot of vegetarians are old, not young, maybe they become vegetarian for health will find a lot fake meat in Taiwan..these food are made from soybean or mushroom..but our basic diet are rice and noodle. if you like to travel in Taiwan.. i think it's not difficult to be my daily meal are rice and some vegetables and fruits and this is how i live as vegetarian in Taiwan...

I'm curious about how many vegetarians in the world? how do European people live as do American people live as vegetarian? did they face the same problem or situation.. something like someone offend you being vegetarian...i want to know about that because i would like to travel around world.. i like making friend from all over the world..could you share it to me ?? thank you!! 

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I live in Northern Norway, and it's difficult, but not impossible to be vegan here. (it's a little bit easier in the bigger cities) We hardly have any finished products, and most of our produce is imported in the winter, since the growing season is really short here. But with a few plants growing inside, good use of the garden from june-august and a lot of creativity it's possible to eat lots of good food :)

There's not a lot of vegans/vegetarians in my area.

Well, I live in São Paulo, Brazil, and here a vegan can live very well, but Brazil is a very big country and there are places without many options for vegans, but fruits, vegetables etc. are always available.

I live in Sweden's third biggest city (Malmö) and here are a lot of vegan alternatives and there's many vegetarians/vegans too. The "Astrid och Aporna"  store ("in english "Astrid and the monkeys") Mathilda talked about is placed in this city and have ALOT of alternatives which is eco, fairtrade and vegan. Here are also a lot of vegan restaurants and cafés and most of the restaurants have at least one vegetarian alternative (it can be a bit difficult if you're vegan, but not impossible) Even if you only eat raw-food there's shops and restaurant for that too (very expensive though)

On the other hand, here's many douchebags and ignorant people. There are too many that have been shoving meat in my face believing they are funny, and the machoculture is very strong. But most people don't care that much. My boyfriend is a meat-lover and eat the worst kind of meat, and I'm a vegan, but we get along anyway. 

I live in Sydney, Australia but I just lived 5 months in New York City. The difference is quite big in terms of getting vegan food. NYC is sooooo good. There are lots of vegan and vegetarian restaurants and take away places.

Sydney doesn't have a lot of that stuff but things are definitely changing. A vegan butcher shop just opened up selling only fake meats. And really you can get a vegetarian meal at any restaurant and a vegan one if you ask the waiter to leave out the dairy.

I live in Turkey.People also ask me offensive questions here, but now I am just used to it.

There is a lot of fruits and veggies here.You can cook every meal you like, but unfortunately there is a lack of education about vegetarians here.Most people just don't konw what it is.

It is very good to be vegetarian unless you want to eat outside.But it is hard to be a vegan, because soy is rare and plant-based alternatives of milk are rare and expensive.

i think it depends on the places you live.  For example, i'm from Toronto, Canada for example, and while there is alot of support for vegan products & restaurants, there is More on the west coast, in Vancouver for example, Seattle , San francisco.

Ofcourse anywhere in the world if you live in a big city, you'll have more company around you and choices, than in remote areas

Here in Canada it's really 50/50. Most of the vegetarians are students. Young people really care about that. For the older persons it's really something different because they used to live with the thinking '' we have to eat meat to survive, it's normal''. So yeah, sometimes they are really confusing about people being vegetarian. It's something out of their conception of life...but they are not mean. Sometimes they ask questions but most of the time it by curiosity and not wanting to be mean against us. 

In Quebec, we are not fanatics of bacon like USA or the rest of Canada. Our favorite fast food is poutine but i think we are really conscious about being healthy. 

i can relate to some of the things you said ....considering my parents generation especially my mom is so closed minded and stuck in traditional thinking when it comes to my lifestyle.  She/They think there is something wrong with me and other Vegans on this bizarre path.  -closed minded generation of old ...

Hellow Dong Yuen Wu  nice to meet you at vegetarian friend. How are you brother Dong Yuen Wu ?My name is Anish Sherma. I am from the beautiful country Nepal which lies between the 2 big country china and india. I wan't to give you brief vegetarian at Nepal. Most of the people of Nepal are Hindu and Buddhist.. In  Nepal most of the vegetarian people  are  Hindu Saints as well some of the Buddhist monk of Nepal practice vegetarian food and  buddhist monk don't wan't to kill all types of animals even a tiny insect also. Mostly here in Nepal vegetarian people are old few of the young generation people practices vegetarian. Rest of them practices all kinds of meats whatever they like. I am a young vegetarian guy of Nepal. Here in Nepal there is very difficult to adjust for vegetarian people especially at wedding ceremony, party, picnic, birthday party and many other program. If i tell to my friend I am a vegetarian they immediately  question me. Why don't you eat meat? Which religion you follow? They will think that he leave to eat meat because of religious belief. Because here in Nepal most of the people became vegetarian because of religious belief. Most of the vegetarian daily meals of Nepal are rice and some vegetables and fruits and my daily meals also that this is how i live here as vegetarian in Nepal. I am interested to learn what is the percentage of vegetarian in the world? How is their life standard are there life standard is different from non-vegetarian? I am interested  to make many vegetarian friend from around the world. so that lets connect the vegetarian friend around the world.

It’s not that easy in Morocco either, most people aren't aware of veganism. For me, only my parents & some few numbers of my friends are aware, I don’t find it necessary to tell others I’m vegetarian. They’re all okay with and even supportive they avoid eating alive beings when we’re together. The only struggle I find is with my mom who annoys me by telling her friends and people that I’m not eating and stuffs, but now I guess she got kind of used to it. The other struggle is when u get invited to a weeding party or some place when they serve alive beings as dishes and get embarrassed if you don’t eat so the best solution I guess is just not to assist instead of going and telling them you don’t eat meat and make them change all their programme or something.


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