how do you live as vegetarian or vegan in your country

well, I live in Taiwan. if i say I 'm vegetarian ,most people will think I must be religious Buddhist..some people will make fun of me..are you going to be a monk..?!!and they gave me a lot of offensive questions..such as"why are you going to be vegetarian?""no matter how you try,the animal will be kill"...etc. because they think eating meat is our culture, in my opinion, eating meat is not right thing to do!! anyway being vegetarian is always associated with religion in Taiwan..both my parents are vegetarians, because they are Buddhists..they follow what Buddha said..they are religious Buddhist...

in Taiwan a lot of vegetarians are old, not young, maybe they become vegetarian for health will find a lot fake meat in Taiwan..these food are made from soybean or mushroom..but our basic diet are rice and noodle. if you like to travel in Taiwan.. i think it's not difficult to be my daily meal are rice and some vegetables and fruits and this is how i live as vegetarian in Taiwan...

I'm curious about how many vegetarians in the world? how do European people live as do American people live as vegetarian? did they face the same problem or situation.. something like someone offend you being vegetarian...i want to know about that because i would like to travel around world.. i like making friend from all over the world..could you share it to me ?? thank you!! 

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it's sad to hear it's difficult to be vegetarian in Russia...Hopefully vegetarianism will be popular in Russia in the future..hmm the price are like something elite. you mean veggie food are expensive ?  thanks for your sharing..

I also hope to spread vegetarianism in Russia, as well as around the world. Yes, prices are high especially off-season. A season of local vegetables and fruits is very short.

The climate in Vietnam, as far as I know, the tropical and subtropical, so, there is a wide variety of local vegetables and fruits, right?

yeah..there are many kind of vegetables and fruits that you can select in tropical area ...but why did you say "Vietnam"?? do you like to go to vietnam??

I'm sorry! It was a stupid mistake. I wanted to say Taiwan, but said Vietnam. Just now my friends there, they send pictures of fruit, which we've never seen))))

OK I see.. do you have any friend in Taiwan ?  :)


I'm from and currently living in Brazil. Although we are a huge meat productor country (which is pretty sad), it's not hard to be a vegetarian nor a vegan here. Of course that, because our strong meat eating culture, specially in the south, where I live, we don't have much access to animal free industrialized products or a great variety of restaurantes like people do in other contries. 

About the religious aspect, vegetarianism is not strongly linked to religions here. Actually, most of vegetarians I know are atheists. 

On the other hand, because of our native species and rich agriculture, it's pretty easy and cheap to live on rice, beans, grains, nuts, seeds, leafy greens, fruits rich in calcium, iron, omega 3, potassium and stuff like açai berry and vegetables in general! You just need to start liking to cook ;P

Hello, Naiara! I'm Brazilian too! From Belo Horizonte,MG. How about you? I also think it's not difficult to be a vegetarian here because we have a lot of good options of vegs. But you need to enjoy cooking because there aren't vegetarian restaurants. And our culture is based in meat food, like "feijoada", "moqueca", "baiao de dois" etc. 

Hey, Thais! I'm from Balneário Camboriú, SC. And I agree with you, in the south that people is crazy about churrasco and here where I live, since it's a city by the ocean, everywhere you go there's sea food to eat. And the cuisine of Minas Gerais is very rich and well known around the country, but based a lot on meat, right? Luckly, there are ways to cook vegan feijoada, tutu and even pão de queijo!

But tell me something, since you live in the capital of the state, you must have lots of options of nice vegetarian or vegan restaurants to go, right? Also, are you into cooking?? 

We don't find vegetarian or vegan restaurants here! Just vegetarian options in the common restaurants! Unfortunately.. But I enjoy cooking very much and that helps a lot.

I've been to Balneário Camboriú! It's great! We loved it!

Really? That's nice! Next time you visit the city, look for Harmonia da Terra, an amazing 100% vegan restaurant! They are very friendly and the food is awesome!

Ok!!! Obrigada pela dica!

I am in England and getting products in shops is easy most of time, (when in america was amazed at much bigger choice ranges there) often find veggie foods can be expensive compared to meat alternatives such as sausages, eating out can be a problem as majority restaurants dont have much choice, I find most negative comments come through ignorance, they truly think you cant get all nutrients etc when you are veggie


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