how do you live as vegetarian or vegan in your country

well, I live in Taiwan. if i say I 'm vegetarian ,most people will think I must be religious Buddhist..some people will make fun of me..are you going to be a monk..?!!and they gave me a lot of offensive questions..such as"why are you going to be vegetarian?""no matter how you try,the animal will be kill"...etc. because they think eating meat is our culture, in my opinion, eating meat is not right thing to do!! anyway being vegetarian is always associated with religion in Taiwan..both my parents are vegetarians, because they are Buddhists..they follow what Buddha said..they are religious Buddhist...

in Taiwan a lot of vegetarians are old, not young, maybe they become vegetarian for health will find a lot fake meat in Taiwan..these food are made from soybean or mushroom..but our basic diet are rice and noodle. if you like to travel in Taiwan.. i think it's not difficult to be my daily meal are rice and some vegetables and fruits and this is how i live as vegetarian in Taiwan...

I'm curious about how many vegetarians in the world? how do European people live as do American people live as vegetarian? did they face the same problem or situation.. something like someone offend you being vegetarian...i want to know about that because i would like to travel around world.. i like making friend from all over the world..could you share it to me ?? thank you!! 

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Hey Dong! Interesting post :)

I've heard Taiwan has a lot of vegetarians (close to 50% of the population)! Is that true??

I am originally from India (which is a haven for vegetarians) but currently reside in USA. In India, getting veg foods is pretty easy. there are so many restaurants that are 100% vegetarian restaurants and there are some pure vegetarian restaurants (no onion, no garlic) as well (I guess there must be similar Buddhist restaurants too). In USA, I live in California, which is a great place for vegetarians and vegans (probably could be the state with the largest number of vegetarian/vegan restaurants).

I used to eat at Loving Hut vegan restaurant everyday. The main lady serving was from Taiwan. She used to say that there are so many vegetarian restaurants in Taiwan. she was also saying there are so many dish made from tofu and soy that are originally from Taiwan (many of the mock meat dish). so I guess many of the vegan/vegetarian restaurants around the world owes a lot to Taiwanese food (if what she said was true :) )

 50% of the population are vegetarians in Taiwan.. it's not true...i estimate it about 10% or lower ...I dont know if she tell you about this...when you come to Taiwan and go to the night market you will find there are so many meat food around you..luckily you may find some vegetarian vendors..i dont know where she is from in Taiwan..maybe she meet a lot vegetarians as friend in Taiwan..but there are many fake meat dish for vegetarian and vegan ...that 's true.. I dont know if foreigners like Taiwanese fake meat ? Do you like it ? 

So India is a vegetarian country? is it expensive to go to vegetarian restaurants in India?  thank you lakshman  and your information!!!

oh she did not tell about the 50%, i was just curious.

she said she was a Buddhist from Taiwan and that there are many vegetarians in Taiwan. she didn't tell me about the night market though.

There is a lot of fake meat in USA too (mostly tofu/soy), which is why I thought the idea of fake meat could have come from Taiwan. I personally don't like fake meat but some people do. This itself has been time and again a big discussion in this forum.

On India being a vegetarian country, I would put it like this:

India is the country with most number of vegetarians, yet most Indians are not vegetarians!

(hope its not too confusing :) )

Around 30% are complete vegetarians and around 30%-40% eat meat once in a while (like few days in a week).

Although 30% may look small, it is 30% of 1.2 billion population, which comes to around 400 million (sometimes it helps to have a large population :) )

Vegetarian restaurants prices vary. there are very cheap restaurants and very expensive ones too. In the USa, I find most restaurants to be similar priced though.

thanks for your information too :)

Thank you for the info Dong :)

in America, everywhere around me is burgers and pizza and processed, greasy food. People assume I am a tree-hugging hippie... and I am. minus the tree hugging part. Can't say I've ever hugged a tree. Vegetarian food being provided in fast food and restaurants is increasingly more popular as health food but still is outshined by meat-based "health food". It is hard for me to be vegan in the area of America that I live. There are not very many stores that sell a wide variety of vegetarian/vegan food so I sometimes have to travel a long distance, and wait long spreads of time before I treat myself to healthy, interesting vegan food.

yeah ..hamburgers and hot dog ,steaks etc..that 's my image of USA' diet.. and I thought going to USA was hard for me since i decided to be vegetarian..but I saw there are many celebrities who are vegetarian even vegan in USA..maybe vegetarianism is a fashion diet in USA ... So is it expensive when you go to vegetarian restaurants?

thanks for your information ..nice meet you as veggie friend..

You know maybe we should go out and hug trees. See what all the hooplah is about. Lol :)

Also, as a comment on your question where the most vegetarian-friendly place is in the USA. I'd suggest pretty much any big city will be easy to eat in. I know the major city near my (Chicago) has alot to offer.

Greetings from Russia. Here, being vegan is hard, I think. It is better not to talk about it, because people sometimes aggressively defend their eating habits. But the understanding slowly appeared here too. There are some vegetarian restaurants open. But the prices are like something elite. Actually, in stores there are not reasonable prices for fruit and vegetables.

You're right, people do aggressively defend their food. But show your strong will by how you live your life, others will be intrigued and curious about your healthy lifestyle :)

I need add, only some people will be intrigued and curious. Besides, now I have such a case. My friend, non-vegetarian, always said "I eat what I eat, and that's it". But not long ago she asked me "How to become vegan"? ) Nice, really?

yeah it's good for her ..


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