how do you live as vegetarian or vegan in your country

well, I live in Taiwan. if i say I 'm vegetarian ,most people will think I must be religious Buddhist..some people will make fun of me..are you going to be a monk..?!!and they gave me a lot of offensive questions..such as"why are you going to be vegetarian?""no matter how you try,the animal will be kill"...etc. because they think eating meat is our culture, in my opinion, eating meat is not right thing to do!! anyway being vegetarian is always associated with religion in Taiwan..both my parents are vegetarians, because they are Buddhists..they follow what Buddha said..they are religious Buddhist...

in Taiwan a lot of vegetarians are old, not young, maybe they become vegetarian for health will find a lot fake meat in Taiwan..these food are made from soybean or mushroom..but our basic diet are rice and noodle. if you like to travel in Taiwan.. i think it's not difficult to be my daily meal are rice and some vegetables and fruits and this is how i live as vegetarian in Taiwan...

I'm curious about how many vegetarians in the world? how do European people live as do American people live as vegetarian? did they face the same problem or situation.. something like someone offend you being vegetarian...i want to know about that because i would like to travel around world.. i like making friend from all over the world..could you share it to me ?? thank you!! 

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I get that too in America...I live in northeast Georgia, and the heart of the poultry industry...educated people are seeing the advantages to eating slaughter-animals are pumped up with antibiotics and growth-steroids...but uneducated people really take what they're eating for granted, and don't we're seeing alot of  obesity here and obesity-related health problems such as Type II diabetes here...its sad, very sad... Also in America the FDA does not require labeling of GMO-foods that are banned in most other countries... I encourage others to grow their own garden-vegetables when ever it is possible to do so... In the rural areas, people still plant gardens and can/preserve their CAN be done!

So you mean it's hard to be vegetarian or vegan in northeast Georgia? you need to plant something for yourself .because you dont want to get GMO- food in the's good idea for you.. natural products is always good for health. but what does FDA stand for ? why doesnt FDA forbid GMO food? thanks for your reply..

Hello from the USA :) There are a few other members here from Taiwan, it's good to have you.

So far, the only people who have really made fun of me are family. I had some friends who tested the waters around my beliefs, trying to justify themselves to me (though I never asked them to, guilt manifests in strange ways). If I tell a waiter they usually smile and talk about the last, mythical vegan who happened into their restaurant and what they ordered. I'm sorry that you've had to deal with such offensive commentary, no one should have to put up with that simply for living a more ethical lifestyle. I mean, at one time slavery was a part of several cultures, that doesn't mean people should honor it. Meat saturates a lot of where I live (The USA), and I suppose in a way it is a very large, perverse part of our culture. It's shoved in our faces 24/7 in commercials and through the stereotype, continuously pushed, that 'real' men eat meat, blah blah blah.

That being said, a lot of vegetarian/vegan options are expanding in the USA. It's becoming progressively easier every day to eat out and be vegan for myself. There are restaurants now with vegan menus, and replacement meats for veggies on the go. Meat consumption here has been steadily going down the past four years, which is a blessing. I live in 'Cattle country'- where it's hard to buy a certain assortment of vegetables and fruits, but we still- even here- have vegan and vegetarian only restaurants :) I've traveled a LOT across the country and have always been able to maintain a vegan diet while doing it. So I hope you'll visit us one day.

It's nice to meet you! Great discussion,

I m happy to hear that vegetarian and vegan population are rising in good news to me...when i was a child, going to USA is my dream..maybe i was influence by Holly Wood movie..but when i decided to become vegetarian, I wonder if I could go to other countries without meat diet...especially going to USA.. you know...because McDonald is so popular in the world...but now i relieved since you said what state do you think the vegetarianism is the most popular in USA? I 've found that there are many celebrities who are vegan or vegetarian in USA..(is Avril Lavigne a vegetarian?haha).. this information inspired  and encouraged me to be vegetarian..i said to myself .."I'm not alone..there are many people who support this lifestyle!! " ..what argument have you faced? did you try to fight back ? fight for the animal right? 

I do hope visit you and your friends..because i need more veggie's nice to meet you too !! thanks for your sharing..

:) And me as well. Makes me somewhat proud of this country, haha. I think it's wonderful you want to travel, I have the travel bug myself. I haven't gone out of my country since becoming vegan, and I have your same concerns. I am glad I could relieve some of you worries :)! I hope you can visit in the near future.

I have family in Portland, Oregon and around Washington, and vegan diets are very common there, as well as places like California and any big city really. Every big US city seems to have a lot of vegan restaurants. I live in cattle country in a fairly large city and so we still end up having vegan options. I was just in New York City, and they had endless veg*n restaurants. The more rural you go, the harder it will be. 

There are quite a number of our celebrities who are veggie :)! One of my favorites is Jared Leto (singer/actor). Not sure if Avril is! Would be pretty cool if she was, always liked her music. 

The arguments I faced were pretty stupid, but typical. They were the whole, "humans were designed to eat meat, look at our fearsome canines" type deal. I was a new vegetarian at the time, so all I knew was that I didn't want to harm animals, I didn't know how to debate the other stuff yet. Since I've learned a lot, my family hasn't tried to cross me with made-up facts of fallacies. We generally don't discuss it much unless they make a statement and I feel compelled to correct them. Whenever my Mom would bring up seals being clubbed, I would remind her of cows and what they endure, etc. She's toeing the line of going vegetarian.

Thank you :) I know what you mean! xo

I am from America but I live in Nepal and I am vegetarian.  This is a Buddhist place and a lot of Taiwanese also come here because of that.  I see them everyday in small groups and some also live here permanently.

In Nepal, a lot of people eat meat and a lot of people are vegetarian.  Meat eaters never really bother vegetarians that I can notice.  Even they seem to respect them.  At least the Hindus that eat meat respect other Hindu vegetarians.  Other more Mongoloid cultures don't understand people who eat meat and while they don't ridicule, they do try to get me to eat meat sometimes, but I doubt they would do that to other Nepalis.

I am from America but now live in Thailand. When I first moved to Thailand I was vegan but had to switch vegetarian because it was too hard since I don't know enough of the language, especially since I do not do soy and it was hard to find beans. 

For the most part people are accommodating when I order now but I thought it would be easier with so many Buddhists here.

it sound good to go to Thailand you have any special experience when you live in you like Thai dish ? what does it taste?  Thanks for your sharing 

you can find offensive people everywhere because they consider it is against their cultures you can only find respect for vegetarians in India!

and Nepal...and I am sure some other places.  I feel that people respect vegetarians in NYC and perhaps other metropolitan areas which have a veg market...Portland is a place that is a small metro and high on the veg and vegan concentration.

well I have some question to ask..why did you decide to go to Nepal? are you a Buddhist? do you have a lot of Buddhist scriptures in English? because I never read the Buddhist  scripture in English? and are there many poor people in Nepal?

about offending vegetarians or vegan...when i became vegetarian..some of my friends was surprised about that and laugh at me..and I have faced many question about being vegetarian so far..if they ask :how do you get enough nutrition without will be in malnutrition...something like that .. my reply is "do you know what the meat is most nutritional meat in the world? that would be human being !! Why? because the human kill many animal for nutrition if you eat human meat ,that will be good for your body.. " yeah that will be offensive reply for meat eaters..

I think people will make up hundreds of excuses, even thousands for their desires..because if  i want to eat meat  I need to make up many reasons .. when i won the argument..  SO what!! they never be vegetarian if I win the argument ... NEVER!! because I criticized them ..I make them angry.. little by little I realized that is not right way to meat eater.   because I dont want to hurt animal with my mouth and i shouldnt hurt people with my mercy to animal and meat eater ...that's what we do  I hope this will good for you..thank you!! Celine


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