When I think I'm doing good at keeping my ego at bay, I get to a place where I can see that it has crept in unbeknownst to me and drives an interaction or thought in an unexpected direction. Just when I think I'm aware, I realize I am not. 

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Some days,I am good. And, some days I am not..lol.. Tho, I highly believe its about self-awareness and being honest with yourself and calling yourself out in it.Balance means that even though we may find our self at one end of the ego scale, we have the self awareness to bring ourselves down to a centered state that's appropriate.

The greatest way to disarm the ego for me is to see the inherent humor in everything...lol.. And,also our ego does a lot of complaining and we act  like were the most important being on the planet, because we believe that we are more important than ANYONE else in the world. When that happens, I just remind myself that everyone, and everything is just as important as i am in the universe. No more, and no less.

Yes, self-awareness and keeping in mind that we are not the center of the universe is so important =)

I try to give myself reminders of the will of the ego throughout the day, but I do think it's beneficial to get an ego knockin' at times because it kind of keeps me on my toes and wakes me up. It's almost like something is telling me "Don't get too comfortable buddy! You have a ways to go."

I think it also comes down to how swiftly you can interpret and process things from different angles before taking action, all while making sure the ego is not holding the reins.


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