How do you feel about products that "May Contain Taces of milk, eggs?" (vegans)

If you're vegan of course.

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I just eat them. I am vegan for ethical reasons, not because I'm allergic or intolerant. :) 

So it is ethical to eat small amounts of this stuff but not large amounts? I don't get it..

I try my best to avoid such products but the worst thing is that these folks lie on their labels to sell their products. That's a crime against humanity

Is gluten considered a non-vegetarian stuff. I thought it's like kinda wheat protein!

Oh.. I see your point on fasting. Yeah... indian fasts are very stringent..... i could never do that for some reason... I always used to steal food while fasting..

Did you know the "E" list? contains many many animal products from animal fat and other very dangerous substances? Get the E-food app on your phone if you can. It's a green icon and you can check all the E ingredients without internet access wherever you are. You will be shocked.

I'm trying to spread the word on this because I just found out recently.... it's terrible ;(

Thank you for spreading the knowledge.

'May contain traces of'. This probably means it's been produced in an area that also handles dairy/egg products. So it's unlikely to be non-vegan but depends on how strict you want to be. Sometimes if I'm desperate for something to eat and there isn't anything else I can settle...otherwise I'd avoid it. 

I just dont eat them at all...simple

Usually that happens in processed food. I avoid them. Whole foods for the win.


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