I keep going back and forth on this one, and I'm curious to hear your views. In my opinion, it's undeniably more humane than eating store bought meat (at least the animal doesn't suffer and gets a real life in the wild) but I can't decide whether or not I agree with it (in terms of other people doing it, not me). I would never do it personally. Of course, hunting for sport is needlessly barbaric. But hunting for food?

What are your thoughts? I'd like to hear your opinion :)

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I think that hunting for food is in general not necessary to have a good balanced diet. There are some exceptions though. Some nomad people who lives in extreme environments, such as bushman needed to have meat to be added in their diet due to there is rarely anything grown in the dessert so without meat, their survival will be near impossible; however, these folks are extremely respectful towards nature in that they only shoot down what they needed and they avoid shooting down any female or baby animals; they also utilise the whole animal; and they make their own weapons, hunt and track their own preys. They understand what they are doing and lives in harmony with nature.

The next question is whether it is okay to do so? Irrespective of what reason the person killed the creature, he has killed a life and the people who assisted and consumed the meat are all tied into this killing, since they have benefitted one way or another from it. These people as a group just created a relationship with the creature so that the creature will become their creditor in their future lifetimes where the creature will demand payment of life and suffering for what the group has caused. Personally, I won't want to get into such entanglement. If other people wanted to enter into such relationship, it's their right to choose, right?

If u must slay an animal to live then it's all good in my book.  If your killing for any other reason it's a waste.

It's violent and unnecessary in modern life and this very moment that we're occupying. At least for me. I think all of earth's creatures deserve compassion and tolerance, among other things like general autonomy. I would not be so arrogant as to let the demon of rationalization lead me down a bloody path. Instead I treat all of God's children, animals, and humans alike, just as I'd like to be treated myself - to my best ability, although I do have occasional shortcomings like any other moral being. Remember, they are you. From the smallest to the largest, they are all here just trying to survive and make their way through this dark planet that we've tainted, and it's up to you and I to change what we can, starting with ourselves. Life does not have to be brutal, miserable, and short. We can enjoy each moment, find peace and serenity, and contribute in a more effective way other than harming one another for the sake of taking care of ourselves. The more I focus on others and forget myself, the more happy, joyous, and free I become.

The thought of any animal dying makes me sad but, I think if someone personally hunts to eat it then at least they appreciate where it came from.90% of meat eaters wouldn't have the balls to kill it because they are in denial and hide away from the truth that meat was once a living breathing creature

I feel like it is more humane to hunt for food rather than to buy it because they can have a peaceful life free of abuse up to the point of their death and I also believe that you shouldn't eat animals if you cant face killing them because most meat eaters live in denial and wont fully recognize the fact that they are killing a living animal but I still believe it is wrong to kill animals no matter how it is done. 

If it really is the only option placing yourself in a desert with no plants at all then I find it ok. It is sustainable and don't pollute. It doesn't damage the planet at all.

as a general rule, my thought has been that we should abstain from killing other creatures if we don't need to...  For someone to kill an animal when they could get their nutritional needs met would inflict unnecessary death on a living creature, and so it probably shouldn't be done... If you happen to be starving to death in the wild, and if that's you're only option, then I wouldn't find it to be a problem... but for most of us, this isn't the situation we find ourselves in.. in so far as we can live without harming others, we should - and for most of us that means that hunting is something we won't do...

I've always said that I don't mind eating meat if it's necessary to my survival.
If there were nothing else I could do to survive, yes I'd resort to it, but seeing there are so many other easy options, it's really not necessary, therefore I  disapprove for ethical reasons.

People that hunt for their main source of food are VERY different to those who eat meat bought straight from a supermarket. Plus, those who hunt their own meat are more likely to use every part of the animal.


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