Specism -Human intolerance or discrimination on the basis of species, especially as manifested by cruelty to or exploitation of animals...people rather eat beef and see nothing wrong with it but when a little horsemeat turns up to or when the meat industry starts marking horsemeat as beef..people get upset and don't bother to buy the meat..but it is perfectly fine to eat a cow right?? god..people are really blinded to the truth...i am so sick and tired of all this talk on the horsemeat issue. what about what we are doing to cows or chickens, or pigs..etc? wait..that's perfectly normal huh? it outrages me!

 click the link if you don't know what i am talking about and I am in the US and hearing about this drives me crazy. how do my fellow vegans feel about this?


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Maybe the consumers that are so upset over the horse meat incident should ask themselves for the answer. Why is it acceptable to imagine that you are eating a cow -- a smart, loving, beautiful animal -- but once you find out it's a different smart, loving, beautiful animal, it's suddenly a problem? It can't be because of any inherent differences in the animal species, so what about it is so vile?

Here's the answer: nothing. Nothing about eating horses or dogs is any different than eating cows or chickens. Both are taking the life of an innocent animal and putting it on your plate. The difference is that we as a culture seem to have decided arbitrarily that we are comfortable making dogs and cats our pets and comfortable making pigs and fish our dinner.

The taking of the life of an animal for food should make us feel upset and outraged, no matter what. There actually is no good reason to distinguish between species, but we've somehow decided to do it anyway.

I posted a rant about this on my FB- I think it's ridiculous.

Cow/horse/chicken/pig/dog- it's all the same. I think its disgusting how people use and abuse selective compassion about these things to justify what they are doing and how they feel.

yes , yes. I hate it so much, I made a rant too on my FB as well. I don't understand why people are so blinded to what they eat or wear. 

It is a greater frustration to those thinking they were consuming Cow were actually consuming horse. In Europe its a more sensitive issue as the Horse is viewed an investment and has regal status. It wasn't too long ago that multitudes of cattle were just obliverated in being associated with one sick to Foot n' Mouth or Mad Cow. This is certainly one of the biggest "False Adversiting" situations I've come to witness (beyond the Post-Ephedra Weightloss Pills)

An FYI, its actually considered legal in the US to consume Horsemeat...Then again, sautee up a Racoon's arsewhole and some [strange] person here would certainly divebomb it


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