How do you become a Vegan if you live at home with your parents and they wont let you eat Vegan?

I'm 18. I already tried to be a vegan once and it didn't work because my parents wouldn't let me. I feel dairy is unhealthy and I do not want to eat/drink it anymore. My parents eat Bacon/lunchmeat/fast food, are always baking cookies and buying junk food.

So how do I be a vegan without them knowing?

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I say get a job ASAP and start buying your own food. Also, you should show your parents the benefits of the diet you wish to embody. Meat is in no way healthy, especially not in the way or amount that your parents seem to consume it... They "won't let you", that's pretty horrible considering they're killing themselves with their dietary choices...

I had the same problem when I was younger. But even though I became a vegetarian now I still get grief and stupid remarks. Im south american, my parents were born in Ecuador and even though I was born here and things are DIFFERENT here they dont see that. but they did get use to it, my father whos this macho crazy spanish man learned that im not a child anymore so they know I dont take anyones crap esp. when its for my own health. I also work so I can get my own vegs and fruits and I joined a csa. So there's never a "I can't" you just need to be crafty and resourceful. Good luck ♥

Tell them the truth, cook for your self, buy for your self. Don't let your body die just because your parents want to.

I had the exact same problem. My mother was very concerned about my health and she knew  I wasnt eating the meat. Like, I ate everything but the meat. The problem was when there was ONLY meat... so I acted as if I didnt know she had cooked something already and made something for myself. 
That was ok for about a week, but then she confronted me. She said "you have to eat your fish, or I wont cook for you anymore"  and that was when I told her that i wasnt asking for permision or for her to cook me a special menu, I was just asking for her support! Then I went on and on about how vegetarians help the world, and with tears in her eyes she finally said "Fine, but you have to eat meat substitutes".
I am thankful that she accepted it- even if it took 4 years for her to do so.

Hope that helps 

Hunger strike. Lol that's what I would do! Show then pamphlets and explain this is why you want to do this.


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