This is something that always bugs me. When I want to buy something vegan, I prefer it not to be made on equipment shared with milk, eggs, etc. Trader Joe's is even bad about sharing equipment with fish, gross! Anyway, how do you all feel about this?

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It has crept into my mind lately, since I have recently become vegan. I also prefer products that are made in a special facility, because who knows what happens behind closed doors? I'd definitely like to hear what others have to say, because I'm a bit confused on this too!

I suppose that if it's enough to give people with allergies fatal worry that there could be enough to impact the health of people without allergies. Why take the risk :O Though it is hard to find vegan chocolate chips here for baking. I'll finally find a brand and it'll say, "Made in a facility with eggs/dairy". Ruins the point, I want to support vegan companies, not ones which trade off.

:) Agreed! That is true, one would hope they would be responsible and not do this- but it's always likely someone will be lazy and not care or there will be poor management and ... blugh!

I prefer that also. It heightens the possibility of cross-contamination, and this is where a lot of health hazards come from.

Great Question! 

I normally avoid if the sharing equipment is with egg and never buy if the equipment is fish. 

Yeah,  unfortunately Trader Joes has some good vegetarian food (mostly Indian) but they are made on equipment that processes fish! I'd always wanted to write to them about this, but never did so far :(

Honestly, it's not a huge deal to me. I realize that I'm not actively supporting the meat industry by "sharing" equipment, and I'm certain that the amount of meat juices that might slip into my meal are so small that by the time I accidentally consume them, they are too insignificant for my body to metabolize to any effect. Can anyone understand where I'm coming from? I realize I'm probably in the minority here, but I am a vegetarian for many reasons aside from animal welfare (which is a HUGE part of why I don't eat meat). Economically and environmentally, it costs more money and requires more chemicals to clean and prepare food with separate utensils. It also requires more time. True, the detriment to the environment might be slim, but I believe that over time it adds up, just like everything else we're seeing nowadays. These are just the things I ponder when I'm bored and feeling academic. The ripples of our actions. 

I remember once I was having an authentic Indian dinner with my friend at her house. Her mom grew up in Bangalore and was obviously familiar with Hindu dietary beliefs. She is a Christian now, but since most of her friends were Hindu, she realized that some vegetarians are extremely observant. Without even asking me, she informed me upon my arrival that my vegetarian dishes had been prepared with separate utensils and in separate cookware from everything else. I was really grateful and made sure she knew how much I appreciated it. And that traditional Indian cuisine is something else. It's delicious...

Basically, as long as I'm not supporting the meat industry, I don't mind taking one for the team and making someone else's job easier when they prepare my food. I don't ask restaurants to prepare my food special or anything. If I wanted that, I would (and frequently do) patronize specifically vegetarian/vegan restaurants.

What are you surprised about? I think one of the other reasons I'm not as fussy about the issue is because whenever I hear someone asking a waitress for his/her meal to be prepared using special utensils, it just doesn't sit well with me. In my head I'm thinking "I totally see where you're coming from, but if you are that picky, just go to a vegan/vegetarian restaurant or make it yourself". Besides, I'm certain that asking those questions miffs the staff off, and gives them more of a reason to spit in your food than they had already. I'm sure half of the time the requests are made, they are ignored, anyway. So to me it seems like bad mojo. As long as I'm not purchasing or consuming meat, then I don't have an issue with it. I can see how others would be "purists" though. 

I would like to add, however, that if a someone offered to make my food with separate utensils, I would  definitely say yes :)

I agree. If it's shared equiptment, I won't buy!!
I do my best to stay away from those options. Find other things. Besides, process foods are not really good anyways.

I'm not Vegan as of now but I don't like it. Think about the different things that go in to a restaurant fryer for example. I used to get the veggie sub at Subway but not anymore since I saw them cut my sandwich with a knife sitting in a water bath of knives used to cut meat sandwiches. I walked out without my sandwich that day :/ I got so tired of explaining it to people it's just easier and safer to make my food at home.


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