Hello, I am Xiao Kang from Indonesia! I am the creator of this simple site.

I would like to make more vegan and vegetarian friends from all over the world!

If you would like to make friends with me, please send me a friend request.

How do you find this Vegetarian Friend forum?

Please visit my personal blog: http://www.veglov.com/

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Hello Xiao Kang,

I think this project of this site is wonderful, and a very good idea!!

Thank you for creating it :)

All the best to you,


Hi Shiri Or, welcome to this site. I do hope you will find this site fun and useful for you.

Great done, there are more & more vegs all over the world. I hope it will increase much more. I love to be here.


Welcome to this site Manfereddu Bireku. I hope it will increase too. Hope you like to be here with all vegetarian and vegan friends from all over the world.

Hi Xiao Kang, great job!! I found this site from facebook too. It's great to connect with ppl who have similar ethics. I don't know any othr veggies outside cyber space, I rarely discuss my vegan-ness with others even though it's such a huge part of me. It's nice to be able to chat with others who understand.

Hi Loise Cooper, welcome to this site. Yes, I think it's really nice to connect with ppl who have similar ethics and views. I am very happy you like to be here and discuss with everyone here.

I saw a link on a facebook :) from  Vegetarian page.
Iam happy, that i found this place! 

welcome to vegetarian friend Jekaterina. 

Hi!) I took the link from my facebook page and realized I want to find friends-vegetarians) Thank you for the place where  like-minded people can get together.

welcome to vegetarian friend Anastasia. Hope you will find it fun here.

i followed a link from one of the veggie sites i follow on facebook...and got excited & joined, hehe. thank you for creating such a lovely site. simple it may be but simple is all it needs to bring together a community of compassionate people and forge new friendships :)

you are welcome. this is just a simple site, but I believe through this simple site, someday we all will make change for the world.


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