Hello, I am Xiao Kang from Indonesia! I am the creator of this simple site.

I would like to make more vegan and vegetarian friends from all over the world!

If you would like to make friends with me, please send me a friend request.

How do you find this Vegetarian Friend forum?

Please visit my personal blog: http://www.veglov.com/

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I don't remember exactly how I found this site.  I may have be looking at recipes on Vegan Stevan and saw this somewhere.  I'm also interesting in meeting other people with the same interests and lifestyle as myself.  It would be nice to meet people close to where I live in SW Florida, but I also like to chat with everyone else.  I just don't spend much time on my computer. 



You are the founder ?That's cool!I’m a Chinese girl  living in Italy  .  Your  name  seems a Chinese one .  

I  found  this  forum  from  fb  . 

Nice to meet  all the vegetarian friends  here  .

Hi, I'm Cathy and I found this site through a link on facebook. 

I've just recently started my journey as a vegetarian....(3 months now) and am still learning as I go. 

I've found  this site very helpful, especially with information. 

I found this,long time before from a facebook page and then I relize that I would like to talk about my choice and get some support.

-Maria xxx

Through Facebook link.

Facebook link while searching for "Vegetarian" pages. I made the change 7 months ago, mostly for medical reasons, but it has been incredible so far.

I found this site while looking for vegetarian meetups and decided to give it a try.  I'm new to this site, and I am looking forward to (hopefully) making some new friends.  :)

Hi I'm a Indian student studying in NYC. I jst got to know about this site while googling aboutvegetarianism. Look forward to make lots of vegetarian friends world over :)

Hey there, I came across this by searching Google. I wanted to meet new friends and better myself in diet and lifestyle choices.

I have been a veggie for 33 years and vegan for 9 months! 

Am I so late to reach over here?

Well, like to make more friends over here. I am Travis and good vegetarian cook.


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