Hello, I am Xiao Kang from Indonesia! I am the creator of this simple site.

I would like to make more vegan and vegetarian friends from all over the world!

If you would like to make friends with me, please send me a friend request.

How do you find this Vegetarian Friend forum?

Please visit my personal blog: http://www.veglov.com/

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I found this vegetarian forum a few months back.  I was really hungry with some crazy munchies one evening and was surfing the net for some vegan snacks to make with coconut oil and some how or other, this site came up in the results.

I clicked the link and joined the forum and found a recipe.  Then I found the chat feature and started chatting with a few people asking about the site.  Those were fond memories!

Since then, I am really happy about being able to express myself in the various forums, groups and blogs.  I hope more people join here and we create a really healthy network of conscious vegetarians and vegans!

I am happy that this place has been a great place for you, and for every vegetarians too.

I am the person who post the link on Vegetarian Page. Hope you find this place great for you.

I think you and I follow the same person, haha. That's how I found this site too! She always posts also delicious recipes and other veggie news.

Same here!

Hi I'm Shyann. I'm new to this website.

I have been a vegetarian for 2 years now. 

I found this website from a vegetarian page i like on facebook.

Hi Shyann, welcome to join us here on Vegetarian Friend. Hope you find it fun here. 

hi, I am Laxmi from Kathmandu, Nepal.  I was meeting with my friend who is member here and he mention to me about forum.  He said me that if I am vegetarian then I can join here. 

I am also trying to learn German language so I hope I will also meet some German vegetarian persons here.

thank you and nice to meet you!

Hi Laxmi, welcome to join us here on Vegetarian friend. It's very nice of your friend he invite you to join us here.

I studied Germany when I was in high school, but I have already forgotten all of it. Hope you will meet some friend who speaks German here.

I found your site very helpful for a beginner like me. I try to be a full-time vegetarian and your tips have been very helpful for me and my wife. 

thanx 4 ur gud cooperation and i hope it will be continued until I will be in this website.

sorry for long gap, but I was busy.

Hi, I am Luisa from Germany.

Nice to meet you! :)


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