I am in the business of helping people heal and I am always looking for new ways to help people break their addictions. What's your story? How did you give up cheese?

Cheese was one of the most difficult things for me to stop eating because I loved Italian food. However, in truth it made me feel awful....especially causing sinus issues. Saying no to cheese was only the beginning because restaurant chefs still added Parmesan topping without thinking. It was a very frustrating time until I learned to tell the waitstaff that I was allergic to dairy.

We do not eat molded bread or drink rotten milk so it is amazing to me how we ever started eating cheese. Have you ever thought about that? I wrote the story here: The Birth Of Cheese: How People Became Addicted To Funk

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I quit cheese cold turkey when I quit meat. I wanted to try eating healthy, plant based foods for health reasons, and I figured if I am not eating meat, I shouldn't substitute everything with cheese. I just tried cooking and eating totally differently and that worked for me! It is hard to eat out, cheese is on everything vegetarian, so annoying, but I just don't eat out much anymore. I tried cheese the other day, and it doesn't even taste good anymore. Breaking the addiction is hard, but the results are wonderful. 

Hey WWV:) thanks for your reply. You are obviously stronger than the average person...avoiding restaurants is the best option. You are right! The results are so wonderful in so many ways. I didn't even share the story about how I eliminated my allergies: Beat Allergies And Sinus Problems Naturally

I was a huge cheese lover. I would mix cheese into everything I ate. I had no idea what it was doing to my body. The more I became educated on cheese and it's effects the easier it became to not want to eat it.

Thanks for your reply, Christine. So, did you switch to cheese substitutes?

To me, whenever a cheese craving hits, I'll have cashew nuts. They taste kind of cheesy to me anyway... or I'll have stuffed dates with nuts inside. It is sweet and fatty-tasting yet not gooey, just good enough for that cheesecake craving. Eat more sweet fruits too. Try it :)

NOTE: The stuffed dates are EXTREMELY addictive. Be warned!

Good luck, Joao! I'm glad that you're using salt as a cheese substitute. Gradually you'll get used to not eating cheese and reduce the salt used. Try using herbs in the future to flavour your pasta, and also homemade cashew cheese or, if lazy, a sprinkling of nutritional yeast. All the best.

Cheese is addictive because it contains heroine, the drug that makes the calf want to suckle so it can grow up.

I never had problems with it as I rarely ate it in the first place, therefor = no addiction.

Okay so I am just learning how to see if I have a reply on my posts. I turned off the email notices because it was too much.

Anyway, Natalia,  I am curious to learn more about heroine in cheese. I googled heroine in cheese and there's a cheese heroin. That seems to be something totally different. Can you elaborate?

I think this might be referring to 'dairy crack'. In that, cheese has opiates in it which is what makes it addictive...

I was never addicted to chess but I felt more hungry after eating cheese and figured its not a good meal since it doesn't make me feel stuffed!

Interesting! I never ate cheese alone. It was always accompanied with flour ( ie pizza or pasta)

Well i did mean to say  cheese in an item. Not the cheese by itself. Like Cheese in a sandwich or mac and cheese and stuff like that.


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