How can fish & sea-food eaters claim to be Vegetarians? Pescatarians are NOT vegetarian on ANY level !

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wow...once "killed it" with an amazing amount of information. thank you again!

Thank you Fruitfly for the kind word! ;)

Being a veggie has taken on many names in the last few years. In the past it was taboo but now is becoming mainstream which is great. I have been a vegetarian for a year. I don't eat anything that had to die for me to consume. In the beginning I was quite upset that everyone didn't get what I got. It seemed so simple to me and lost several friends as a result. I since have taken a different take on the whole topic and have found some kind of peice with the fact that people don't want to get it. It angers me still but what can I do. I try and educate people with tolerance as this is the only way. Don't think for a minute that I agree with people eating meat of any kind even living beings from the sea but I believe in order to reach people we must make a stand with a quiet stance filled with sorrow for those that don't get it. Like fish eaters I battle the dairies call and this is my cross to bare. Whatever anyone can do even in the smallest way helps to further the cause. Maybe the will get it one day. Just like I hope I get it with the dairy.


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